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Ok...I have been having this really big problem with one of my best friends. When I went away for the summer, my friend became close to who is now her best friend (lets call her "S") and now my friend (call her "R") is being completely rude now! I don't know if it is because I wasn't here all summer or what but its really bugging me. My other best friend has been having the same problem with R and its been going for four weeks and we tell her over and over again...I already had this like HUGE fight with her because she has got some issues to sort out and she was saying that i was spreading rumors about her but i wasn't....Honestly has she heard of the word "caring" because thats what i was trying to do...but I don't know what to do! Should I just stay "Hi bye" friends or like should i try and sort things out? I have been friends with her since 7th grade (I am a sophmore now) and like really its getting me so annoyed that she is acting like this. but keep in mind when S is not around, R is the just the way she used to be. Fake or what? SOS!!!!!!!!!!!

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