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Renesmee now was sitting up she was tensed over in agony. A rather large baby with black hair arose from Carlisle's

hands. Renesmee was covered in blood, her stomach cut open. She reached her hands out limply, "Gage." She

murmured proudly . Was that what she had decided to name it? Jacob stroked her hair, "Renesmee, stay with me." He

pleaded. Carlisle had already sewn her back up within that minute and was checking her heart-rate. Carlisle still gripped

the baby. "Ahh." Carlisle said , finally at ease. "Your not dieing Renesmee." He said calmly. Jacob breathed a huge sigh

of relief. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with his palm. The baby suddenly lunged and his eyes turned wildly red.

Renesmee reached out to it  again. "No!" Edward screamed , grabbed the baby, and gave him to Carlisle. "Carlisle, it

was going to attack it's own mother." Edward said in disbelief. Carlisle's face twisted in confusion. He ran some tests

on this blood-crazed baby. "It's mostly vampire but when mad turns into a werewolf. Also, it has a gift of hypnotizing.

He can make anyone do anything he wants, almost. " Carlisle finished shaking his head. "I've never encountered

anything like this before." I can't read it's mind." Edward said , clearly frustrated. "Oh yes, it is... immune to every power

it seems ." Carlisle said unusually disgruntled. Renesmee whined, "I want to hold him." No." Jacob said fiercely . "It tried

to kill you."  Her face was drawn in dissapointment, " My beautiful baby?" She asked warily. "Yes, Renesmee." Jacob

finished , very mad. He kept his face smooth for Renesmee however, but I wasn't falling for it. Had this, Gage, child

inherited the immune power from me? Wow. I tried to let all this soak in , I stayed close to Edward's side. I have to admit

I was startled and very afraid. Carlisle suddenly sighed and I forced my eyes up. "It has to be destroyed... " Carlisle said

slowly staring at Renesmee who became very angry. "I won't let you destroy my Gage! You'll have to get through me ,

first."She hissed outraged.

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Omg so good

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