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Well hello! This is my first post so its kinda gonna be an introduction to me and things like that. Well, hey! My name is Amanda and I am a highly obsessive Twilight fan. I adore the series and the books just make me feel soo much better about being a teenager. I, like most people, can really connect to Bella and her feelings. Although we dont all have a super hot vampire boyfriend, as I'm sure we all would like, or a werewolf after us I believe everybody can addapt the book to their own lives and first loves.

Okay more about me. I am currently 16 years old and live in Bristol England. Ive just left secondary school and im looking forward to persue my dreams. Urrm. What else.. Okay ive got 5 pet cats, 2 pet dogs and 2 rats. Yes my house is like a zoo.

I love being able to express myself artistically. I mainly just write songs/music, draw and write. It is one of my ambitions in life to publish a book. Ive currently wrote two books which i am looking into publishing at the moment. My favourite band is Fall Out Boy but i do like a large variety of music.

The main reason ive joined this site is so that i can talk to other people who share my passion for all things twilight. I love to talk and help people work through their problems.

Thats all for now I guess. Thanks for reading :) Any questions feel free to ask :)

Amanda x

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