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Hey there, This is Maigen. I was just letting u guys know for all u Eward fans he and Bella are SlitsVillejust to let u know.of letting u know in the future with like flying cars and no roads at all. For all u Jacob fans good job and keep getting the work done. Oh and dont go to team Edward he Sucks. Sorry for all u Edward fans but it is sooooooo true I have to go I am so sorry. I will write more tomrrow. Oh wish me luck for signing what class I want to be in for jr. high. So I decided to take Spanish and Art. Wish me luck. bye.

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Comment by Lily Right <3 on March 25, 2011 at 10:24am
Team Edward<3 Well, if Edward sucks so bad then why does he get Bella in the end? I wasn't trying to start a fight or anything, I was just stating a clear and true FACT. Have a nice day.  Luv, Lily (:

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