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What should i talk about today??? how about animalss?? yesss!:) animals are awesome!! haha! especially cats they make me happy! well what cat doesnt make somebody happy?! cats are small, cute, cuddly and can sometimes be a big pain in the butt!! and some people dont like cats but im not going to say anything to them because i have my opinion and they have theirs! but cats are easy to take care of too! i mean all you have to do is make sure you feed it and water it! some people give their cats milk! anyywhoo dont ever try to bathe a cat unless they really just need it! im serious they can hold grudgess!! one time i was giving my cat a bath and i have to take my shirt off soo he couldnt cling to nothing or soo my shirt wouldnt get soaked and when i made the wrong move and let him go for one second he jumped upp and dashed up my arm (clawws out) and make a big mark on my arm and started clinging to my backk! can we sayy ouchie?! his nails were just clinging in my backk!! anywhoo this is to anyone who loves catss : YOU ARE AWESOMEEE!!!<3 AND I LOVES YOUUU!!! haha! any ideas for my next blog post?

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