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      Goodbye rain and hello Sun!! So happy!! Going to head to the park with my new picnic set and soak up as much Sun as I can. Oh wow, I sound like Bella! hahahahah. Oh almost forgot, finally finished twilight and now I'm on to New Moon. Just starting chapter 4. It's weird because I know what's going to happen and I feel like I need to tell Bella before it happens to save her all of that hurt! The one thing I love about these books is that I feel like it's real, like those people are out there and I'm reading Bella's diary that was somehow published! hahahaha! Also, the odd thing is that when Edward first meets Bella and he is leanded as far away as he can and he's covering his nose and mouth, it reamined me of my crush Nathen. He like totally hates me and the last day of school, we were forsed to sit next to each other in the autotorium and he did that exact same thing! I was like 'oh wow, that's weird'. Well, more when I have something to write about.



p.s. comment if you love Greyson Chance!!  (if you dont know him, look up Greyson Chance waiting outside the lines. It's epic!)

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Comment by Katie Williams on June 27, 2011 at 4:38pm
i think its to hot and its making it hard to sleep :(

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