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2nd Blog~ My opinion on First Twilight Saga


Just wanted to post my opinions of the Twilight Saga Books. This one will be about the first one.

When I first saw the movie I immediately got hooked. I thought it was ironic because I gave alot of people hard time about the Twilight Saga. Thought it wouldn't be good. But my friends have pushed me to watch it so I gave in 2 weeks ago. Hmmm yeah I immediately got hooked! LOL. But reading the book was twice more and twice better (no offense), but I still loved the movie.

The book has way more information about certain things that made more sense that was missing from the movie. I wouldn't change the book OR the movie.

Hmmm I was pulled to Edward in both for some reason. Maybe because he was different? I thought Jacob in the movie was cute but I felt like he was all wrong for Bella. I have always thought Edward was the guy for Bella.

I know alot of people will give me hard time, but its just my opinion. In my 3rd blog, I will be posting opinions about New Moon.

Have a good day.

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