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Well I wanted to wait until after I saw the movie but I decided I will write something about the book here. and then post another blog after I see the movie. :)

I think that Eclipse is very interesting. I mean, all that problems with Jacob, Edward, Bella, Newborns, Victoria, Volturi. Wow! I think Jacob is one rude boy for "forcing" her to kiss him. I can understand why but still rude. I am proud of Edward for learning to compromise which I understand is very hard for him to do when all he wants to do is protect Bella. Bella also learned to compromise with her love and learned to accept gifts from Edward. I think that Bella knew what was in her heart. When she realized she loves Jacob, she also knew she can live without Jacob and that he would always be her second best. Which would be unfair to Jacob that is why she refused to be with him. If they truly loved eachtoher Jacob would have imprinted on her but he never did. So therefore that is why I knew that they weren't meant to be. She knew that she can't live without Edward EVER. I think everyone is starting to learn alot of things. like... Bella learning that she did love Jacob more than friendship, but loved him enough to be honest that they can't be together. Edward learned that he loved Bella more than enough to let her go visit Jacob and to compromise with her. Jacob learned that he can be friends with Bella even when she chose Edward and knew that he has issues. lol. sorry but Jacob does have issues.

I am excited to see the movie and see how it comes about. I promise to post it... but it won't be good enough though until I see it on DVD with closed captioning. :)

Good day everyone.

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Comment by Laura Loves Twilight Saga on August 6, 2010 at 8:48pm
I loved the movie. I know they have to move and lose things. I do wish they would have let Carlisle tell about his story instead of the little Edward got to tell and I wish they would have told Alice's story. She finds out what happened to back in another book and they left that out.

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