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5 Things You Didn't See In Breaking Dawn-Part 2

Hi everyone.I got this from the January issue of Bop Magazine.I thought I would share this.

1 One scene drove the cast insane

There's no denying that the final battle scene was incredible!But the cast says the filming process was not so fun.The scene was actually filmed inside a warehouse in Baton Rouge,Louisiana,and took months to complete.The cast acted in front of a green screen,which was later edited to look like an icy tundra."Everyone started to go absolutely insane,"Kristen Stewart giggles."It's moves so quickly in the movie,but it took so long to film!"


2 Kristen complained...A Lot!

In the last movie,Kristen wears eerie red contacts to complete her new,vampy look.She never got used to wearing them,though."Kristen complained about 500 times more than I have,"Rob Pattinson laughs about wearing the uncomfortable contacts.


3 Taylor has a strange stunt double

Taylor Lautner is a talented actor,but there's one thing he can't do:transform into a wolf.When you see the wolves in BDP2,it's all CGI(computer-generated imagery) magic."When we film scenes with Jacob's wolf form,his stand-in is a cardboard cut-out",admits Marisa Quinn,who plays Huilen.LOL!


4 The foamy secret on set!

In one of movie's epic scenes,Bella hunts down a grizzly mountain lion-but Kristen says there's a secret you should know about this scene."I leaped through the air and tackled a crazy huge tube of foam shaped like a mountain lion,"she admits about filming."I ripped it to the ground!"


5 Renesmee used to be a robot

Mackenzie Foy who plays Renesmee,the vampire-human hybrid who grows every single day.At first,Director Bill Condon says he wanted to use a three-foot robot doll to play toddler Renesmee.The cast quickly nicknamed the creepy doll Chuckesmee."Chuckesmee was a giant misfire on all fronts,"Bill admits."It was a horror show."So much for that idea!


I hope you enjoy this.Tracy

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