The Twilight Saga

She looks at her past, all the loves she has had, and all the heartbreaks she has endured. Then she askes herself, do I want that to be my future? Do i want all the hurt I have been through, that go along with the excitement of love? She thinks to herself, I think what I really want is to find that special someone, the one that I can give everything to, and trust them not to break or damage me. Then a thought comes to her, is there even a person out there that I can trust with everything and they will never hurt me? All her doubts come alive. Will her doubts diminish her hopes and dreams, or can her hopes and dreams prevail? Should she keep her head up and move forward, or should she fall to her knees in front of her doubts in defeat? This will be a war within herself , and she must fight it alone, no matter how scared she is, or what the odds. This is something she must do, and she can become victorious if she tries.

**I did actually write this, it is not something i found on the internet.**

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