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A bump / curve ball in the road!! Keep writting!!

TO all the friends I have made on here and for all the stories I so love to read!! I would like to ask you all to keep your chins up, heads held high and remember love who you see in the mirror every morning BE TRUE TO YOURDELVES!!!

I have sent this to some and others will see it as a blog. As some of you know I have not been well and as we all know life LOVES to hand you a curve ball.

Well my friends life has handed me one of those real big sliding curve balls. As of Monday Aug 16, 2010 I will no be able to come on line, things have happened that are going to keep me from a home and the INternet. NO for those of you with brains in the wrong place I am not going to Jail!!!!! HA HA made ya all smile!!! I am not well and things are not good so I must leave for a while. I promise to check in as often as I can, yet I think I will be gone a couple of months. Please know that while Having been basically in bed for the last few months your stories and friendship have meant allot to me.

Between here and my puppy life has been good. Now its just a large bump in the road for me I will be back as soon as I can....feeling better and doing allot better too!!!

SO keep the stories going !! Please smile laugh and love!!!

Peace Love and Friendship

Tamera M

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