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The water was cold as I stepped into the pool to go for a swim. As I put one foot in the water at a time it sent shock through my body. So I flinced.Come on samantha you don't want to be here all night.Do you?
You know how much you hate being late for Ela. You'll miss Christopher. You can do this. I shook my head at myself for these thoughts. The water is to cold you know your not going to get in.
Just tell the gym teacher she'll understand. Yeah that's it go tell her. I walked around the rim of the school pool and speed walked to where the gym teacher was standing. The gym teacher was blowing her whistle at the girls who where jumping into the pool in dangerous ways. I tapped her on the shoulder and looked down at her.
The gym teacher was only five foot one and was round around the edges of her waist.
Her hair was shoulder length and was dyed blond. Her eyes were blue and could stare you down like you were the devil. She turned around to face me with one hand on her hip.
Her face was eppressionless and I could tell just by the way she was standing she was about ready to send me to the principal. "Ms.White I don't think I could do it." "The water is too cold." She looked at me and cocked an eyebrow.
"Ms.Samantha this is the fifth day this week that you haven't pled gym." " I know it's just-I stopped as somebody else entered the conversation."It's just little miss nobody is to scared to even try." I turned to were the voice was coming from. makyla was just hopping out of the pool in her lttle two piece bikini. Makyla is about my height but a little talller.She's the perfect weight to be a super model.
Her maple brown sugar skin color showed her indian resemblence. Her eyes were a light green and her hair was light brown that flowed in curls to her perfectly shaped butt. makyla and me used to be best friends until she hit thirteen and became popular.
I watched her hang with her little fake friends in seventh grade while I slowly faded into the backround like I didn't exist. everytime I tried to talk to her she made fun of me in front of her friends. Ever since then Makyla's been a stuck up snob and has had everything handed to her just for being a little meany.
The couple of years I haven't talked to her since. When ever we talked we were arguing about why she didn't just leave me alone if she hated me so much.
The arguements always turned out the same. She would go to detention and I would go to a different class.No matter what we never talked." I'm not scared Makyla I just don't want to get in it's to cold." She wrapped her hands around her chess and swayed back and forth."Oh-boo-whooo I'm a baby."
"No I'm not Makyla."I felt anger creep into my voice very slowly. Instead of stopping she kept on going and the gym teacher didn't do nothing but laugh and watch. Boy did I hate her. Fine she wants to laugh I'll show her something to laugh at. I reached my hands out to push Makyla into the water but what I hope would happen didn't turn out so well.
Makyla had moved and I fell into the water. I used my hands to get to the top of the surface. When I reached the surface I was choking up some of the clorine water that I had swallowed. I wiped the water from my eyes before I opened them so I wouldn't get any clorine in them. I blinked before I opened my eyes to make sure I got all the clorine out.
I opened my eyes and looked around the pool. Everybody was laughing and pointing at me. makyla had her hands on her hips."Nice one coewart." What I hoped was to make Makyla embarrssed in front of her little snoby friends but instead she out-smarted me.
Frustrated and angry I splashed my hands in the water. Everybody still looked at me and laughed. Some of them started to leave into the locker room and some still stayed to laugh at me. I waited until everybody left before I got out of the pool.
I went through the doorway that led to the locker room. I snuck by some of the girls and went the long way to my locker so I wouldn't accidently slip in the water that was on the floor and hurt myself.
I went straight to my locker and took all of my clothes out and layed them on the bench. I slid doff my soaked bathing suit and wrapped in my bag that I left in my locker to put my bathing suit in. I dryed my hair with my towel before I put my bra and my brand new cotton shirt on.
I put my girl boxers on and slid my dark blue jeans on. I comb out my hair and ran to one of the hair dryers to dry my hair. The worst flaw about me was when my hair got wet it stook together like wet moss.
I brushed my hair while under the dryer and went into the girls bathroom that was in the locker room. I looked at myself in one of the mirrors. I did a pretty good job. My hair was straight again and looked shiny.
I parted it so one side had more hair than the other. I walked out of the locker room and looked around me. None of the girls were here any more. The only thing that surrounded me was purple lockers and benches. I looked down at my watch that read 9:20am.I missed the second period bell.
Ugh....I'm going to be late for my next class.I ran to my locker and shut it. I through my comb and brush into my bag with my school stuff and headed to class."My first day of school being back and I'm already going to be late."I mummured to myself under my breath.

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Comment by Fallen on August 26, 2009 at 8:59am
very nice.update soon.
Comment by chrissi black on August 26, 2009 at 3:45am
wow cool
Comment by edwardlover#1 on August 26, 2009 at 1:11am
this is amazing keep going
Comment by jazmyn on June 15, 2009 at 8:40pm
did you write the second chapter yet.
Comment by ѽ DaNiEla ¢υℓℓєη ѽ on June 12, 2009 at 9:15pm
omg awsome story funny too post more cuz i luv reading stories :)

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