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The bridge before her was long and narrow, and apart from the frantic beating of her heart not a sound could be heard. It was like the water it crossed swallowed all the noise. The young woman was afraid to cross it, but she knew she had to if she wanted to escape this cursed village. She knew her ticket to freedom lay in the large house across the glass-smooth lake.

Step by step she made her way across, afraid to make any noise. Noise would alert them to her presence. The spirits of the long dead villagers, cursed to wander forever in this endless night.

And then she heard something. Chanting and the beating of staffs on the earth.

No! They can't have found me!

The noise was all around her, everywhere at once, but she couldn't see them. Were they near? Were they far?

She burst into a sprint, but still the noise followed her.


She tripped, long hair billowing out behind her like a shawl as she fell. She tried to get back up, but something was pinning her down.
Looking behind her, she let out a scream.
Gripping her ankle was a ghostly hand.

And soon more hands joined it.

They grabbed her all over, slowly dragging her into the black black water.
She screamed for help that would never come, screamed until she started to choke on the frigid water. Deeper and deeper they pulled her, the bridge slowly disappearing from view.
Her chest ached, she needed to get free, needed to breathe.
It was so dark, she couldn't tell up from down.
And then she felt no more, gone before she hit the bottom.

Up above, the water showed no evidence of her ever being there. Not a ripple in the water, not a sound to be heard


PFFFFFFFFFFFT I suck so bad at writing. Pointers would be nice.

Based this little piece of hell on this lovely lady

Bonus edit! Hear her last thoughts here!

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