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Hi everybody, I started to write a fan fiction of Twilight a few days ago. I have a little alternate story cooking itself up in my brains, but I'm having a hard time finding a motivational urge to write it. And probably you'll find it isn't very good, so it's best if I check it out.

I decided that every one of you, fellow Twilight lovers, could help me out on this, I'm going to post the little I have going on, and if a few people like it, then I’m going to carry on, if not, well, it was a nice thing to elaborate.

Before I post my little introduction, I would like if you could help me up with critics, and grammar checking, English is not my first language (is Spanish btw). And no one is exempt from making a mistake :o)

So here it goes:

It was a quite night up hill in the Cullen’s mansion, well, as quite as a night could be in a house of seven non sleeping vampires. As usual, Rosalie was doing her beauty routine; in fact, it was more of a beauty checking routine. She would go for hours and hours looking at her astounding beauty in a hand mirror. She would gaze into her golden eyes, and then continue to her perfect nose, hair, eyebrows and pale skin. It was remarkable, how she would find herself more beautiful by the second; it was like she would reassure herself “Hmmm, I’m more beautiful than I remembered”. On the corner of the room would be Jasper, immersed, yet again, in Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, not that he didn’t know it by heart. He could recite every word and every phrase. But for him, it wasn’t’ about the reading, it was all about the smell of the ancient manuscript and the pleasure of being transferred to another place and time recapturing with it the wisdom of war. In front of the T.V, as was usual on a game night, Emmet was watching the play offs, of course, he wasn’t just watching the game; he was elaborating all the strategy necessary, all the possibilities for his favorite team to win. And he should be, he had gambled almost four hundred thousand dollars on this particular game. It was actually kind of funny, some may say stupid, that he wouldn’t ask his sister Alice for a glance to the future before he made his wager, but as he would tell you with a huge smile on his face “Where’s the fun in that?”. Alice was in her computer, searching the web as always, looking for clothes, accessories and more, for her family, friends and house. Esmee would be at her room, reading for the thousandth time how Marianne was absolutely devastated with Willoughby’s departure. And Carlisle, the eternal learner, was reading anatomy books and taking notes of interesting lines of study for him to expand his already vast medical knowledge. The only one left out in this normal evening would be Edward, but it was easy to know what he was doing and with whom, of course he was with his life, his partner, his love, his Bella.

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