The Twilight Saga

ok,ok,,,i admitt i am obbseded with twilight!!!=) i ant help it!! i hink it myt be classified as a deases*wel it shuld be anyway*. . .
lets start with how i was intreduced to this phenominon. . . i wast my friend*being supa bored* and she said we shuld watch this movie bout vampires . . . being affraid of blood i nearly didnt go and watch it! wel. . thank heavens i did because i loved every moment off it.. . (be back now i have to go to the dentist. . btw.i have braces. .bleh!!)....

hundred sillion ours later. . .
OUCH. .i cant stand the dentist*he spits,nice guy,bad breath*
back to my love. . .i watched it so many times after that and loved it more and more with every sighting of it!!=)
i was bored on a monday afternoon*i think,im not a genius*and just picked the book up*from my bruvs room,,weird i know*and started reading it well the time passed and all i did that day was sit on my sofa*frezing could in my school dress*reading,,i just couldnt gett enough of it. . .it was like my on personal brand off heroin*hahaha it was just soo tempting,i had to say it*. .i finished it that week..not puting it down,,(tht nt even a joke ,when i went to go get food it was in my hand*i was still reading*when i got dressed even). . . EVERYONE i knew was soo shoked coz i hated reading ,,going ito libarys make me feel sick*well my libary smells like old grannys*but that changed (AL OF IT.. cept the smellli grannys. . that never goes away)
then came new moon. . .LOVED IT cept i cried like an absoolute baby!!!when the broke up , i swear i had a herrnia or sumthing*that one was a lie,mainly coz i dont no wat a herrnia is=]). . i allso bubbled wen he rott bela the piano music . . (softy fo ra man on piano) and then when he left she didnt have it*well thats wat she thought*. . mainly that book was adictive. . just like eclipse. . MY FAVORITE ONE. . .i couldnt conentrait in class*not that i ever do realy. . but i dont fail**WeIrD**i just wanted to read it all the time and then braking dwn cam out and i stared at it . . for a while. . and started to read. . non stop. .day and night. . . i cried in that one too. .dont no y though it was just soo it was aktully happening to ME(i wish it was)

so. . .
thats the begingin o my blog. . probably no one will read this but
i just need to gett it ll out or i might *fave word* spontaniosouly combust!!!! bAng. . lol

madly inlove with vampires****

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