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WhenI landed in the airport in Albany, NY, Ilooked and saw a woman with gold tattoos and was holding a sign thesaid “Alice Smith” I assumed she was from the House Of Night. Shewas more beautiful than any actress I've ever seen. She looked oddlyfamiliar. When I walked over she smiled and said, “ Hello Alice,I'm Zoey Redbird and I'm the High Priestess of the House Of Nighthere, and you can call me Zoey.”

“uh, Hi,” I said wondering how she knew my name.

“ So lets get going ,” She said.

We drove for 30 minutes then arrived at this castle looking building.It was beautiful in an old Gothic type of way. It was huge and theirwere 4 different buildings. “ That building is the main buildingit is where the dining hall, teacher's apartments, and clinic are,that building is where all the classes & offices are, that one isthe girl's dorm,that is the boy's, and that is the temple to Nyx,”she said pointing to the different, and then I remembered where she Ihad seen her before. She looked just like Nyx except for the tattoosand the hair.

“ You look just like her,” I told her.

“ I get that a lot, every vampyre and fledgling here have seen her.This place is for people who have been specially marked by her. Ok,Come meet your new roommate.” We walked to the building she saidwas the girls dorms The inside was great. It had a flat screen and 3couches and bean bags. The walls were black with different color andsize dots. The kitchen was pink with a black fridge and counters. “This way,” Zoey said leading me down a hall. She stopped at thelast door before some stairs. Half the room was baby blue, the otherpurple one bed was black the other white it was weird. There was agirl sitting on the black bed she had very curly brown hair and browneyes she looked about 5 foot. “ Rose this is Alice your newroommate, Alice this is rose,” Zoey said breaking the ice. Rosestood up and came to shake my hand.

“ Hi nice to meet you,” I said trying to be polite.

“ You too,” she said with a very fake smile.

“ Ok, I'll leave you too alone for you to talk, and Alice here isyour schedule and if you have any questions I’m your mentor so cometo me,” she said handing me a paper and walking out the room.

“ Ok, lets get this strait, I'm not into sharing my room, so if youstay out of my hair I’ll stay out of yours. Just so you know alittle about me, I love soccer, punk, fashion, and to read, but don'ttouch any of my books without my saying you can.”

“ Ok, so you get this strait I may be sweet , and southern but ifyou think you can push me around, you are sadly mistaken.”

“Whatever, just stay on your side of the room.”

The next night, or day I guess I walked into the 'dinning hall' forbreakfast and looked around for somewhere to sit. When I saw a girlwith strait brown hair and an athletic build come up to me and said,“Hi, you must be new, I'm Nicole do you want to seat with me and myfriends?”

“I'm Alice, and I'd love to.”We walked back to a group of people,and sat down with our breakfast.

“This is Alec, Allie, my twin, Rose, Joey, and Mark. Joey and Markare together and gay. Guys this is Alice. I invited her to sit withus,” Nicole said to the people around us pointing to them when shesaid their names. Alec was h-o-t HOT! I could so tell Joey and Markare gay. Allie looked just like Nicole.

“ Hi y’all,” I said starting to eat.

“ So where are you from?” Alec asked noticed my accent.

“Tennessee, what about y’all?” I asked.

“LA,” Allie and Nicole said at the same time.

“Florida,” Alec said.

“New York City,” Rose said.

“North Carolina,” Mark and Joey said.

Then we heard the bell and I went of to my first day at vampireschool.









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