The Twilight Saga

chapter 2  A New Dawn i hope you like it!


                                                                      chapter 2

"come on guys let's go hunting!" Nessie called from the bottom of the stairs. "we'll be right down in a minute honey!" bella called from the bedroom. "okay well i'll be outside with jacob!" she yelled back and went outside and sat on the porch steeps. "okay does everyone know the plan?" bella asked. "yes" everyone said. "okay let's go" edward said and started to head out the door. "wait!" alice said. edward turned and glared at her reading her mind "ask he yourself." snapped "im thirsty" and he ran downstairs. everyone followed him. "you guys finnaly ready i'm strating to get  really hungry!" she said "you could have gone without us honey jacob with you." bella said sweetly. "nah i wanted to wait for you guys and besides jacob's sleeping." nessie said and kicked the big russet wolf. he suddenly woke up looked at edward and nodded. he got up and followed nessie. jacob ran into the forest and phased into human from and got changed he ran over to edward and asked, "now?" he looked at him and said, " whever you feel like it's the right time." "okay i'll do it now." jacob said is heart pounding with excitment. "hey nessie come over here i wanna ask you something nessie came over to find all the cullens standing around in a circle  and jacob was in the middle they where a smiling hugely. something felt a little fishey. "what's going on?" she said walking in the middle of the circle where jacob was. "nessie wanna ask you a question." jacob said. "ok what is it?" nessie questioned. "rennesme cullen i have beem in love with you sence the day you were born and i wanted to know," "yeah?"  rennesme said. jacob got down on one knee and pulled and little black box out of his pocket rennesme gasped. "rennesme cullen, will you marry me?" jacob asked looking at her straight int he eye her eyes were tearing up "oh my god jacob yes! absolutly!" he stood up and she kissed him. bella and edward came over and both hugged them "now one problem," she said, "alice" all the cullens started laughing and looked over at alice who was wide eyed and had a pleading look on her face "please?" she asked nessie and jacob look at each other and smiled "sure aunty alice go ahead and have fun just don't go over the top" rennesme said  "yay!" she squealed bouncing up and down " i promise i won't go over the top thank you so much!" rennesme thought for a moment and then said, "anything for one of my bridemaids." alice's face lit up like a christmas tree "thank you so much but who is going to be the other bridemaids?" she asked. "well i was thinking that mabey rosalie can be the other bridesmaid. would you aunty rose?" rosalie flashed a smile and came over to huged her "i would be honored. thank you so much" "come let's get back to the house and figure all this out it's getting dark" bella said. "kay mom." rennesme said and every body laughed and walked back to the house.

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