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here's my fanfiction of breaking dawn but with jacob and nessie tell me what you think!


                                                                          chapter 1

"No! no way! absolutly not!" Edward yelled at Jacob. "she's to young!" Edward yelled. "she's only eighteen!" Edward yelled again. "So was Bella!" jacob yelled back. " so? i don't care! it's not going to happen!" edward hissed. "guys!guys! stop yelling what's wrong?" bella said running up the stairs into her and edwards room. "Jacob wants to marry nessie!" Edward hissed. "well why not?" Bella asked. "she's too young does anyone else realize that?" edward yelled. "well if does anyone realize that i was exactly the same age when you were pleding me to marry you?" Bella asked. edward just glared at them both "well," bella said putting her arm around jacob's shoulder "I don't mind if you married my daughter you love her and she loves you i think you would be a perfect match!" bella said happily. she gave edward a long pleading look she took her arm off jacob and walked over to edward "come on honey just think about it nessie would be so happy." she said. edward thought about it for and moment and said, "but i just don't want my daughter to be married to a dog." he complained. "uh hello? the "dog" is still here." said jacob  "come on hon, just think about it for a little while. just think nessie would be so happy." edward sat down on the bed and thought for a moment. suddenly he stood up "okay but for nessie." " thank you so much! i promise you won't regret it!" jacob said happily. he ran over to bella and edward and gave them a bear hug. "i think im already regreting this already." edward said. "sorry." jacob said his face turning a bright red  and he steped  back he smiled hugley and ran into the other room.                        

                                                                  end of chapter 1


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Comment by rennesme carlie cullen on July 27, 2011 at 9:41pm
thanks! i writing chapter 3 write now!
Comment by Anna Marie Cullen on July 19, 2011 at 5:40pm
awesome! :-)

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