The Twilight Saga

I got lost in the scenery. Ha. If you could call it that. More like nothing for miles. I mean nothing. I opened the bag Adik gave me. An envelope, a book, some unflattering clothes, a cheap cellphone, and other things. I opened the envelope. A large wad of money fell out with a blue sticky note attached. Didn't think we'd just leave you alone like that, did you? The note read. The hand writing was jagged and harsh. I put the money back in the bag, not counting it. I didnt even notice that I payed for nothing at the station. Probably just wanted me out of there. My kind. What was my kind. Why did I have that memory?

"Last and only stop. Last and only stop." The train conductor boomed. I closed the bag and got ready to leave.I decided to read the book and grabbed it from the bag. I flip to the first page.

Ignore the memories. I flipped to the next page. Empty. I flipped to another. Blank. Nothing? That's it? So much for not leaving me alone. Ignore the memories? How? Who? Maybe all of my kind had memories. Memories... of what? Was that really me? Red eyes? On a fancy plane? I don't know...

"Hey! Hurry and get off!" I snapped my attention towards the conductor, who was screaming at me currently. I put the phone in the bag and got off the train. I walked into another dirty train-station, and looked for the exit. Once found, I ran towards it. I noticed it was empty. I ran outside, and looked for the blonde girl.  I saw here walk towards me. 

"Holly! Sorry to leave without you... Where are we? What state are we in?" She looked at me.

"Georgia. Now quiet down. We have to go to Atlanta and head to the airport. It'll be busy and no one here knows about your kind. You'll just be a white, grey eyed girl."

"Atlanta?" I asked.

"Georgia's LA." She started to go towards a sign for a bus stop. More traveling? Great. I got behind her and waited. Then the light flashed again. I opened my eyes again and saw the girl, me, was running super fast. I could smell the fresh air and pine trees.

I am the only running, their floating or something. I could here a voice say. It was mine from the plane. If it was even mine. It was a thought though. I looked at ... the Other me... and saw her... me.... marveling at the floating figures in black cloaks and their weightless appearance. Other still had red eyes. The word Volturi came into mind. Volturi? What's a Volturi? Then, black surrounded me again.


"Hey! Man, what are you drinking?" I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes and looked at Holly. "You know you never told me your name." She began.

"Uh.. Venus... Cul... no wait... Hall. Venus Hall."

Wait, what did you say?"

"Venus Hall."

"No, you said Venus.... something before you said Hall."

"Oh... Well, the Russians at the place said Venus Cu... and then corrected themselves."

"Cullen?" She whispered. She leaned in from her seat. I gripped the black soft seats covered in neon like triangles. Why does that name make me.... happy? Like I belong? I shook my head again. "I know that name! Okay, I know where we're going from the airport."

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