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"Get out." Holly yelled. I opened my eyes and saw Holly impatiently waiting outside the cab. I opened the door and grabbed my bag. I stepped out and saw a small, old fashioned motel. Holly hoisted her backpack onto her shoulder and stomped towards the motel lobby. I ran up to her and walked inside. The lobby was small, with a wood coffee table, two chairs, a desk, and a mini kitchen with a coffee maker. The woman behind the desk was a petite Indian woman with a purple maxi dress, her long black hair in a long ponytail. Holly walked over to the woman.

"Room for two please." Holly said grouchily. The small woman nodded and handed her keys.

"Room 21," She smiled and turned back to arrange papers. Holly stormed out the room and down to the room. I ran and caught up with her. We reached the door and she thrust the key into the lock. She slammed the door open, the slammed it closed when I walked in. The room smelt like lilac and the two beds had headboards and dream catchers. A small tv stood on a wooden tv stand. Holly grabbed the remote, turned it on, and flopped on the bed. 

"What is up with you?" I asked. "I meet you at a train station, I tell you my name may be Venus Cullen, I trust you to bring me from God know's where to here, and now, you act all ticked off 24/7. Is it the medicine?" I asked. I sat on the opposite bed and looked at her. She sat up and looked at me like I was the dumbest thing on earth.

"It's not the medicine, okay?! ". She yelled. Then, she sighed. "It's not you. It's nothing. I've heard about the Cullens. I know what they are, where they are. You're name. How you look. I thought, maybe, you'd be one of them." She said sadly.

"Why would you take time out of your life for someone you don't know?" I asked.

"It's not like my life was going any where. Dancing for money? Sitting in a dilapidated town, waiting for someone, anyone who thought they knew the Cullens."

"Why do you care about these 'Cullens'?" 

"It's... it's nothing." She looked away and changed the channel.

"Why don't I believe you?" I said skeptically. 

"It's nothing okay? Nothing." She snapped.

"Why couldn't you just go without me? You knew where they were. You had the money."

"I needed... motivation. Something to start a .....conversation with them." She looked at me. I still didn't believe her. I sighed and lied down. 

"Whatever. Good night." I said calmly. 

"Good night." Holly whispered. With that, she turned off the light.


"Get up." Holly poked me the next morning. I rolled over.

"I've been up." I said coolly. I looked at Holly. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and she was wearing skinny jeans a Hollister t-shirts. 

"Good. Now put these on." She tossed me a pair of clothes, which I caught before it came an elbow's length away. I jumped up and went into the small bathroom. I looked at the clothes. Skinny jeans and a flowy top. I saw Holly's brush and combed out my tangled hair, and then changed. I looked good. Wait, was that coincided? Eh, too bad. I was just glad to change. I looked at my face. No blemishes. My eyes were a grey the other day, but now they changed. Only a slight bit, so slight that it may not look like anything different. But there was a difference. But what? I went back into the room where Holly got her things and was calling a taxi to pick us up.

"The taxi will be here in 20 minutes. Wanna grab some coffee before we go?" Before we go. Now it really set in. We were going to meet them. But.. but.. why do I feel... anxious? Nervous even? Why do I feel... crappy? I swallowed.

"Okay. Let's go." I grabbed my bag and headed outside. Time to face a change. Maybe even.. understanding...

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