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The airplane ride felt great. The view, which wasn't much after the takeoff, was still great. And yet, I felt like I had seen it before. But darker. And more... secluded.  But why? Why did I keep having these memories? Where was Adik and what was that building? Thinking of Adik, I gripped the bag. I hadn't touch the money, nor the phone, or anything else inside. After the "Ignore the memories" I hadn't dare touch any thing else.

"Man, you have got to stop daydreaming." Holly said. I looked over at her. She tied her bleach blonde hair back and stared at me. She grinned and grabbed her bag from under the seat. She ruffled through it and pulled out a flask. "Need some liquid courage?" She chuckled and took a swig. She thrust the bottle at me and the liquid inside swished around. The smell was stronger than I could have imagined. My senses were heightened, so I was the only one the smell was bothering. I crinkled my nose and shook my head. "Oh, come on! Don't be a baby!" She thrust it toward me again. I lowered my gaze and grabbed the flask, took a swig, and swallowed. I handed it back to her and looked at her with no emotion. She looked at me in shock. "Nothing? No burning, buzz, nothing?!" She started to laugh.

"What? It doesn't taste like anything. It's like water." I said blankly.

"It doesn't hurt going down your throat? Man! I wish I had your ..." She stopped and thought hard for a second.

"Throat?" I guessed. Holly burst into laughter.

"No! That sounds... weird!" She giggled some more. 

"How much did you drink already?" I questioned as I grabbed the flask. It felt pretty empty. I shook my head. Holly shrugged and grabbed the flask, and stuffed it in her bag. A flight attendant walked by, giving us questionable looks. Holly ignored the attendant and looked at me.

"Why are going to California?" I asked Holly.

"It's just a stop. Our final destination is Washington." She replied. I gasped. That name. That Place. "Would you stop! You keep creeping me out. Geez." She smacked my arm.

"Sorry! It's just, I don't remember from before the Change, and I keep getting little tidbits..." Holly's eyes quickly widened. 

"Shut up! Shut up!" The woman across the isle stared at Holly and I. She stared and stared, and then went pale. The woman began smacking here husband, who was more interested in the view than her. He lazily turned to his wife, nodded, then looked up slowly. He stared at me, and also went pale. He looked up and pressed a button, which summoned a flight attendant, who came down the aisle a little bit later and smiled at the man and his wife. The man began to whisper hurriedly to the attendant who stiffened. Holly looked at me.

"Look what you did!" She whispered harshly. "Oh sh.." She ducked her head. The attendant smiled as she turned to she us. She leaned into the seat as if to tell us a secret. 

"Miss," she began in a clam voice, "I'm going to have to ask you to step up to the front of the plane, where another attendant may speak... privately with you." She looked at Holly. "And you." She calmed walked back down the aisle. I glanced nervously at Holly. 

"Well... let's go. What's the worst they can do?" She said. She got up and waited for me. I proceeded to get up and squish down the small aisle way. When we reached the front, a male attendant waved us into the small kitchen, and closed the curtain. The attendant was about 40, with glasses and salt and pepper hair. He wrung his hands together and looked at us in the most cheerful way possible. 

"You may be wondering why you two were called up here. It has come to the staff's attention that you have been drawing... attention." He chuckled quietly at his accidental joke. He looked back up at us, and started again. "Here on Double Way Airlines, our staff would never discriminate towards any race or anything different. But, when the comfort and  safety of our guests is in jeopardy, we must look at the problem."

"Wait!" I interrupted. "I'm jeopardizing their safety?" I balled my fist.

"Miss, please, no... no need to get upset." The man said shakily. 

"She won't hurt you, or anyone." Holly said. "We apologize for any in....inconvience. Now, we'll be heading back to our seats." Holly grabbed my wrists and began dragged me out. Too bad she was reaching her drunk point and tripped onto the counter, which rattled the stationary coffee makers. 

"Miss!" The attendant called. He tried to help Holly who immediately began twitching. Another attendant opened the curtain and gasped at Holly. Holly began to cry and shake and gasp for breathe. I stood there in shock with Holly hand gripping my arm, my arm moving with her shaking. "Miss!" The male attendant called. I couldn't move. The movement. The horror. What was happening?


We landed in California not to long after and Holly was rushed to the emergency room. I sat in the hallway outside her room. The doctor wouldn't tell me or anyone the diagnosis. I wonder what really happened. Why had that happened?

"Miss?" I looked up. A nurse with jet black hair in a tight bun and purple scrubs looked down at me. "Your friend, Holly Windrow? She is being discharged. Her condition is normal. The anxiety and alcohol level triggered an anxiety attack. She'll be fine with some medicine." The nurse smiled and walked away. Holly's door opened a tired looking Holly stepped out. She waved halfheartedly and walked toward the exit. I grabbed my bag and rushed to her side. 

"You okay?" I asked. Holly nodded and waved it off. She walked towards the front desk, signed a couple papers and walked to the exit. As the sliding doors opened, I looked at her. She barely looked tired, and had small bags under her eyes. She waved a taxi over and got in, signaling for me to get in with her. I gripped my bag even tighter and hopped in.

"Where to?" The driver asked.

"Cheapest motel around." Holly answered. The driver chuckled and pulled out of the hospital lot. "I'll use some free wifi and book us a flight for tomorrow. I want to actually get there within the year." She pulled her backpack off her back and got her wallet out. She pulled a wad of money out.

"Where did you get all of that?" I asked astounded. Holly chuckled darkly. 

"With my master's degree." She said sarcastically. "What? I'm a pretty good dancer you know." She winked. 

"You were a stri..." I began, but covered my mouth. Holly laughed and nodded. 

"I'm not ashamed. If anything, I was the most modest one!" She threw her head back and laughed again. I just gave my bag a death grip and kept my mouth shut.


The next day we were almost off our second flight. I just wanted to land and know what the big deal was. Holly wouldn't tell me her plan after the flight. I laid in the chair, wishing I had gotten some sleep last night. I still didn't get this whole "vampire" thing. Sleep, no sleep? Blood, no blood? Sun, no sun? I wish that "book" contained something other than "Ignore the memories". I decided I might as well close my eyes and try to sleep.


We landed during the day, yet it was cold and rainy. We jumped in a Taxi to "Forks, Washington". The name... It drew in another memory... One of thinking the town was small and useless. I shook my head. Ignore them... Ignore them... Holly hit my arm.

"Stop." She said simply. She hadn't said much since we landed. She looked irritated. She took her bag out and took a swig from her flask. I grabbed it quickly. 

"Stop." I mocked her. She stared at me, as if I shouldn't dare have taken the flask. I rolled my eyes and flashed what I considered a fang. Holly turned away and stared out the window. I did the same and saw the forest passing by. How... Peaceful. Another shady memory felt it's way into my mind. Ignore them! I told myself. I squeezed my eyes and let the memory go. The rain lightly tapped the window. It was... calming. I smirked. I just wanted to arrive to our destination. Where ever that was. 


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