The Twilight Saga

"You don't really think you're going to London, do you? How much did you forget?" A voice said. I whipped around. The person behind the newspaper... The voice was... a woman's. Pretty, but had an edge. The paper slowly floded back to reveal the persons face. It was a girl with short blonde hair and light, but bold make-up. "London? Paris? Italy? We're at a train station sweetie, not an airport. One train. One stop. It's mainly just to get people like you to leave." She chuckled.

"And, you are?" I asked. She singled for me to sit next to her.I quickly moved.I sat next to her and she leaned close to me.

"I know things. Things about you. And... everything...." I looked up.

"Really? Like... like what?" I was astonished to have a human talking to me.

"Like.... the Russians up on that hill are always making things like you. And..." The girl was cut off.

"How could you talk to her?" A man in front of us spat. "Don't help her with her life. It's already ruined." He murmured. I sunk back in my seat and looked out my window. Then a flash of light blinded me. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. But, the blonde girl wasn't there. Nothing was there. Then, suddenly I was sitting in a leather seat. I could hear an engine.. Not a car, but.. a plane? I looked around.Everything was hazy, and dream like.

"Alec, why are you, Demitri, and Jane coming?" I looked to my left. Who's voice was that? It sounded... beautiful and like... like mine... I looked at the girl. See had red eyes... and... was me! I watched her, yet she didn't notice me.

"Well, at first it was just to protect the pilot" A boy next to her said. He had brown hair and a very proper look. Red eyes too.

"Hello! Hello! Where am I?" I screamed. Nothing.

"Yeah. And we don't exactly....see eye to eye....." I turned around and a blonde girl with red eyes said flatly. I looked back at the girl. She looked like me! I tried to grab her shoulder, but my hand went through her. Through? I lost my balance and fell. I fell into black.

"Hey! Girl! Wake up!" I heard a distance voice say. Slowly, my senses came back. I was on the loud train, next to the girl. I rubbed my temple.

"What... what happened?" I questioned.

"You blacked out... I didn't know vampires could get tipsy." She elbowed me and winked. I shook my head.

"I was on a plane... A fancy one at that... I was there.. but with red eyes... why would I have red eyes? There were two other people... they had red eyes too..." I began.

"Excuse me! Your kind is meant for the back of the train." I looked up and an angry train conductor stared me down.

"Isn't that segregation?" I asked. He just stared at me. "Fine." I got up and moved towards the back. The girl grabbed my jacket.

"My name's Holly. Call this number. I can help you." She whispered and slipped the paper in my pocket. I slowly went towards the back. I sat down and stared out the window. If only I could go back to that memory....

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