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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 5

(sorry this chapter has a lot of switching points of views but I want you to be able to see it from all angles. So you can get to see how they all think. You never know there could be a surprise in here for you.)


Nicole’s pov

Adam was being really quiet, I didn’t like it, I hope he was telling the truth about me not upsetting him. Maybe he’s angry at me for kissing him, Aargh why did I do it? Why couldn’t I have just ignored my feelings, he obviously didn’t want me to kiss him!

“Nic, I promise I’m not upset I’m just thinking about things, my life, how messed up it is.” Adam said, he could see my face and tell I thought I’d offended him somehow.

“aaw Adam, your life’s not messed up, it just hasn’t turned out to be great so far.” I said, I regretted saying it as soon as it came out! I just said his life’s messed up just in different words!

He smiled and held my hand, rubbing his thumb in soothing circles in the back of my hand, I smiled back at him and he kissed my cheek. Then I turned completely red and I

felt so stupid! Then I heard him chuckle, I looked up at him and he was glaring at Blake.

Adams pov.

As soon as I kissed her cheek I regretted it, I saw the blood run to her cheeks, making me lick my lips. And Blake saw that. He Glared at me, a death stare so I glared at him back, I really hate this dude. He’s trying to keep Nic away from me but its not working, I can tell she likes me but I want her to love me. Like is not enough for me.

She’s my soul mate and all I want is for her to feel the same way about me as I do for her. But I doubt it, I can see she’s trying to think of me as a brother.

Blake’s pov

I was listening to some tunes on my I phone and I saw Adam kiss my sisters cheek. I didn’t like it, I could tell he was dangerous I could smell it on him. I know people would class me as dangerous if they knew what I was. A werewolf. Werewolves aren’t what people think they are, there not monsters, there humans but can just change into a wolf when they want. We don’t hurt people, we protect them from what Adam is. A vampire. I love my sister way too much for her to be turned. I know she’s is soul mate, and I know he’ll to anything to get her. I just want to get there, see my new house and then I’ll be able to think about what’s going to happen.

Shelly’s pov

I was concentrating on the road, but in my wing mirror I saw Adam kiss Nic’s cheek, young love. I’m happy there friends, I don’t know what I’d do if they didn’t have each other because the news I have to tell them will make them hate me forever. But I have to do it. I hope they’ll understand. But how do I put it. Kids your leaving, to go to a boarding school. Will they hate me?

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Comment by Jessiica Cooper :D on October 6, 2010 at 1:18pm
omg thank youuuu!! course i will :P
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Amazing I can't wait for the next update!
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its amazing !!!! love it !!!!!

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