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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 7

Adams pov

I woke up to the sound of Nicole screaming, I was startled and shot up, hitting my head on the ceiling of the car in the process which made Blake snigger. I turned around to see Nic fast asleep, “Adam I love you. Tell me, you are not a monster too. I know your not. Nic said it in her sleep, I sat back down sighing, I am a monster. A monster that will make Blake look like a cute little puppy.

“god, dude what you gonna do? Blake said to me, what was up with the friendly shiz? Something’s up here.

“urrm? I’m gonna tell her later. I said, in a very sure voice, which surprised me, cuz im not sure about anything anymore.

“yeah, well, be nice to her. Or you’ll have me to deal with. he said in return. Ooh, that’s what he was getting at. God I hate this guy. Sooooo much.

Nicole started to wake up and mumbled something unintelligible before her eyes flung open.

“Heyy Adam, how long left till we get there? she said, she seemed eager. Maybe she wants to go after all, but on second thoughts, who would be happy with going to the underworld? Full of monster people like me. LIKE ME! I’ve never really had anyone to talk to about, well, me, people there will get me.

“I’m not sure, ask the dude. I said

“KILE! When are we going to be there? she said, his name was kile, don’t ask me why because

I’m not too sure, but I already don’t like kile.

Well anytime now we’ve been driving for just about 23 hours, you slept most of it” 23 hours! I didn’t think it was that long, maybe I’d slept a little. “HA a little, you were snoring for almost 16 hours! kile said, oh frekkin hell! He could read my mind. I wonder what he is.

“oh. I didn’t know we had been in the car for that long! I’m not sure I want to go” nic said, she didn’t seem very happy so I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. She blushed. Gosh she blushes all the time. When ever I touch her. Its not that it annoys me, its just that it makes me want to bite her even more than usual. I smiled, maybe she liked me. No, why would a delicate, beautiful human girl fancy me? Never mind, I shouldn’t think about it and get my hopes up.

Then the car stopped. I opened my blacked out window and saw a building that looked like a fairy tale castle , it was a white, 6 story building, with big arched windows and large light wooden doors. Beautiful. It had a big fountain at the front, the ground around it was grass apart from the one huge pathway made of big stones. Flowers covered the whole of the grass, making it look like it had multi coloured grass.

“WOW” nic spelled out the syllables, I knew she saw it the same way as me.

“what the hell? Are you sure this is the underworld mate? Blake said to the driver.

“yes, this is the boys boarding school for supernatural students. kile said.

“BOYS?! Nic screeched “what the hell? Im a girl!

“yeah, well derr, well done. And don’t worry there are two other girls there The school thought it would be a good idea to see what it would be like to have girls here, I guess you’re the guinea pig. kile said

Then Nicole fainted.


Nic’s pov

When I woke up, I found myself in a strange bed, in a strange small room. And I sat up to see Adam asleep on the bottom of my bed, well I assumed it was my bed anyway.

I got up quietly and left the room, to see a large room, with a TV on the wall, a small kitchen to the left and about 10 doors all the way around the room, I went to turn the TV on and I sat on a big sofa in the middle of the room. I heard a door close and I shot up and ran to the corner of the wall, I wasn’t stupid, this school was a school for monsters. There was a boy standing in one of the doorways, he looked emoish. With black hair, and a fringe that totally covered one eye, his eyes were an electrifying green and he had pale hair, he had snake bits and about 6 piercing on the ear you could see. He was well, very very good looking, almost better looking than Adam, but just almost.

“oh you must be one of the new dormy’s, I’m Aiden by the way” he came up to me to shake my hand, I took it but in a fearful way. “you don’t need to be scared of me by the way, I wont hurt you, I’m a sorcerer.

I immediately calmed down a bit and smiled, he seemed nice enough “oh sorry hi, I’m Nicole”

I went to sit down on the sofa. “Boys come out, she’s awake” Aiden said, then 6 more boys and Adam came into view.


people i live for messages and comments, thank you so much for reading my story, if you have anything you perticually want in my story message me and i'll see if i can write it in :)


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Comment by Jessiica Cooper :D on October 16, 2010 at 4:00am
of course, since its the weekend ill probs be posting loads lol.
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love your stories keep going
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I get so excited when i see an update to your story!!! I love reading it! Can't wait for your next update!!!!!
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i love reading you stories they are the best!

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