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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 9

sorry people, its a little short, but i wanted this chapter too end the way it has, and i couldn't make it any longer!


Nic’s pov

“I’ll never leave you Nic, I’ll never hurt you. I love you. Adam said, I’m sure he thought I was asleep. I wonder if he does love me, this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, living here. I love Adam, he’s in my dorm. I love Cody too, as a friend mind, he’s great. I want to meet the two other girls that come here, maybe I’ll meet them tomorrow. Then I fell asleep.


I slowly woke up and opened my eyes, to see a beautiful sleeping Adam. WHAT?! Ohh, I came in here last night, I’m Glad I did that, but I wish I didn’t cry.

I got out of bed and went to the main dorm room, I sat on the sofa and a chorus of “oooooooooooohh” came from the boys. “you came out of Adam’s bedroom this morning” Cody said, a bit of a mumbled sigh came from him. “yeah, I went in his room last night, I needed a cuddle, and I wanted to say sorry, I ended up falling asleep on his bed, is all. I said.

“morning all” Adam said, and I ran up to him to hug him “im still so sorry I ran away from you yesterday. I whispered in his ear. “don’t worry about it, we are together again now. he whispered back.

We all sat on the sofa. “so. How old are all you guys? I said.

“16” Dillan said

“15” Callum and Ben said at the same time. “do you guys say everything together? I asked them

“no” they both said, there were loads of mumbled laughs.

“16” Adien said

“16” Cody said

“15” Tom said

“what about you, sugar lump? Cody said, “Cody! What’s with the sugar lump? I said in a surprised tone. “he loves you! Adien said, and ruffled my hair. “yeah yeah yeah, im 15” I said, “Adams 15 too”

We were talking about ourselves, what we liked and stuff. Tom seemed really nice, but a bit too loud, Ben and Callum were like the jokers of the dorm, always arguing and doing the same things as each other. Aiden and Cody were Brothers, I wondered how that worked but ohwell, they were really loud and cock, but I love em! And Dillan was gay, I found out, he seemed always cheerful all the time, that was nice.

Then there was a small knock on the door, and two girls walked in, well more like ran in.

The two girls went and sat on Aiden and Cody’s lap. “who’s this then? a girl asked, she had short brown hair that went to her shoulders, she was really beautiful, she was really quiet. “yeah, HI! the other girl said, she had darker skin and long brown hair which reached her shoulders, she seemed really loud, but I liked that.

“oh, girls, this is Nicole and Adam, there new here. Cody said.

oh” the quiet one said “its nice to meet you, my names Mary Jane” she smiled.

“Hi! My names Zulekha (zoo-lek-a), nice to meet you! she smiled

“heyy, its nice to meet you, I was worried I’d be the only girl here. I said, I wasn’t shy of girls.

“oh come on! We must show you around! Mary Jane shouted.

Adams pov

The girls dragged Nicole out and I started talking to the lads.

“so, they seem. Nice? I said, I made it sound like a question, they both seemed nice, but too excited. Maybe it was just seeing another girl.

“yeah, they really are, you just gotta get used to um. Keep your hands off, there like our little sisters” Aiden said

“no worries there” I replied

“oh yeah you like Nic don’t you.?

“well um, yeah.

“well, I gotta plan for you, you’ll get her soon enough. Cosy said


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Comment by Jessiica Cooper :D on October 19, 2010 at 2:22pm
sorry, i didnt realise how short this one was :S ill make a longer 1 nxt tym, it shud be up here shortly :DD
Comment by Bret Futch on October 18, 2010 at 8:22pm
cant wait for more !!!
Comment by Kelley Brady on October 18, 2010 at 5:50pm
Love it and really can't wait for the next update to see what happens next
Comment by Jessiica Cooper :D on October 17, 2010 at 2:13pm
sorry guys! i put Cosy instead of cody!

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