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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 10!

Heyy! OH MY GOD! chapter 10! still like messages, comments and banners? !!! thank youuu xxx


Nic’s pov

The girls dragged me around the whole school. Its huge! I wont remember anywhere, not even my dorm room.

“Heyy, Nic, we gotta go now, our dorm will be waiting for us” Mary Jane said before pulling Zulu (Zulekha’s nick name is Zulu, I’ll be using it a lot.) off to their dorm. I found it sad how they shared a room, and I had to share with just boys but, im sure I’ll learn to love ‘em.

I opened my door, walked in and flopped on the sofa, which Cody was sitting on.

“oi! he moaned, as he pulled my feet up to rest on his legs

“Sorry baby” I said in a baby voice. Cody was so cute, I loved him like a big brother.

We sat there for ages watching spongebob. I loved spongebob. “heyy Cody, where’s the other boys? I said, I guess I didn’t notice we were alone before this, I was just too comfortable with being alone with him, a vampire.

“oh, they went food shopping, we gotta eat to you know” he replied

“oh I said, then he leaned down, and, kissed. Me. Surprisingly I kissed him back, but it felt too weird like, I don’t know, then the door opened. “hey guys we jus- Adam said, he stopped when he saw us. He looked truly upset, he went to put the food shopping away. Great just perfect! The guy I love now hates me! I got up to help him with the shopping, I gave Cody a sorry look, and he mouthed back “its okay, talk later”. “look Ada-”I said but Adam but in “look its okay. Its not up to me who you kiss. he sounded real upset. There was a “ooooh you go dude! in the back ground and I flinched. Cody winked at Adam and Adam nodded. Huh? Did they think I didn’t notice? Maybe Adams not angry after all. Its not like I have any feelings for Cody, in that way anyway. GOD guys?! Cant live with ‘em can ya?

Adam’s pov

I walked in and saw Cody and Nic kissing. I was upset at first and my stomach dropped. But when I went to the kitchen to pack the shopping away, He winked at me. He winked at me! This must be the plan, after he said that, that night, the door opened and the dorm leader told us to go to the head teachers office, we were there for about 10 minuets, while he gave us each a form to fill out about the school bla bla bla, I really wasn’t listening to what he had to say after the word ‘school’. anyway, losing track of the point, he didn’t finish telling me his ‘plan’ to get me and Nicole together. So I just guessed, hoped, this was it. I hope he doesn’t heart her, she might actually like him. and what if this isn’t the plan? And I’m here smiling away as the love of my life goes off kissing people! AAARGH girls. Cant live with ‘em can ya?

Nicole’s pov

It was getting dark and I was getting tired. I’d had a weird day, I kissed someone that was like a brother too me. I haven’t even known his for what like, 3 days?

I don’t know why I did, I was in love with Adam, and I knew it. And why wasn’t Adam upset to see me kissing him? Did he not feel the same way about me? Hang on. Why would he like me? A aimless waist of space human girl. I wasn’t even special. In any way. I realised I didn’t really know the other boys in my form, I hadn’t spoken to Blake since I got here and I haven’t seen or made friends with anyone else yet. Tomorrow, I’m’ going to do all of those things.

………………………………......the day after………………………………..................................

I woke up groggily, to find that I was asleep on the floor, in the middle of my dorm. Completely stretched out. How embarrassing. I could feel my cheeks get hot, and then there was the slight bang of a door and I shot up and ran to the sofa.

“heyy, sleepy head, have a good night? LOOL! I heard as Cody came to sit next to me on the sofa.

yeah yeah yeah. Very funny. How did I even get there? I said.

“Well we were all playing on the Xbox when you came in, eyes closed mumbling something about having no friends ‘elsewhere‘ Cody chuckled

“God, well, umm what about after that? I said, the worried look on my face made Cody laugh.

“naa don’t worry about it, it was only me and Adam. We wont tell know one. He said,

“good! I shouted, and I rested my head on Cody’s shoulder as he wrapped his arm around my waist. We were there for about half an hour before Tom got up.

“heyy dude, Nic. he came and sat on the sofa, he looked down at me and smiled, I put my arm around his shoulders, I really liked tom. He was nice.

“so what you want for breakfast? Dillan said as he came in the dorm room, he went straight to the kitchen and said “fine! Pancakes it is! he was so cheery all the time!

“morning all! Callum and Ben said, yes you got it, they said it at the same time.

“Nic! Adam shouted, and bounded in the room, I jumped of the sofa and ran into his arms.

“morning beautiful. Adam whispered in my ear.

“morning handsome” I whispered back, I hid a giggle in his neck.

“god why aint you going out already? Aiden muttered, coming in the room.

“maybe they don’t want to” Dillan said.

“yeah rightt! Aiden said. I was starting to get really embarrassed!

“aww babe, don’t listen to them, no need to be going red” Adam whispered in my ear, I realised we were still in the same hugging position, which didn’t help much.

“just do it dude. Ben and Callum said, at the same time again. that’s not getting old. Sarcasm!

“its about time. Cody said.

“well, okay, Nic, how do you feel about going out with me? he said. “as in boyfriend girlfriend kind of thing? he looked really shy.

“umm, okay” I said back, smiling.


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Comment by Jessiica Cooper :D on October 27, 2010 at 4:51pm
okay, look, ill make a deal. i know people like my story so of course, i;ll keep writing it. but im going to make a new story. i hope you read it. and i'll try not to make the gaps inbetween the chapters too big!
Comment by Kelley Brady on October 23, 2010 at 1:55pm
I love this story and can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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