The Twilight Saga

a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 11

Adams pov.

“umm, okay” Nic said, and she was smiling! Oh my, how long have I wished for her to say yes to me! The biggest smile replaced my shocked face, I have to admit it, I was blushing like crazy. Well this isn’t awkward at all. Just then Nic kissed me, it wasn’t like all the rest, it was long and sweet, god, it made me want to bite her, to taste her chocolate strawberry blood, god stop thinking about it! Please don’t make me hurt her, I am so much stronger.

“W-T-F” I knew that voice, it was Blake! He just walked in on me kissing his little sister. All hell is about to brake loose.


“god dammit, Blake chill. Nicole said. “heyy I haven’t seen you in ages!

“don’t change the subject! blake said calmly, I guess he just wanted to make sure his sister was going to be okay, I mean, I am a monster at the end of the day.

“and YOU! he pointed at me, “don’t you ever touch my sister again. You got that?!

“be quiet Blake, come on, I wanna talk to you. Nic said grabbing his hand, pulling him out the door.

“well, dude that went well. Tom said.

“I’m going to my room. I said.

“oh no! wait dude, I got something to tell you. tom says. you know how Zulu and Mary jane are in the same dorm” …” the school says its unfair for Nic to be the only girl in this dorm, so you never guess what! he sounded really excited, oh no! what if Nic is leaving this dorm!

“yes….. I said getting back on the subject.

“Well dude! We’re getting another girl dude! In our dorm! Tom shouted, god he really must be excited.

I’m not too happy, I’ve got Nic, but I’m happy for Nic. She’s not going to be the only girl in our dorm, ready for school.

“oh cool, when she coming? I said, I’m kinda curious.

“right, her names Jessica, she’s 14, she’s coming in the morning and she comes from England too, maybe Nic knows her. Dillan explained.

“oh cool, but how comes she’s 14? I thought that’s a little too young to be here? In our year. I asked.

“yeah well dude, were all 16 and 15 yeah? Well Jessica came to this school before, in 1643.

Tom said, my mouth fell open, Damm this chick is ooolllld!

“HUH?! was all that came out of my mouth.

“well I think we should let her explain tomorrow, it’s a bit private.

“well I’m going to bed now. I said, “but dude it’s only 6:30, wait till Nic gets back. Ben said

“Naaa, I’m tired, seeya in the morning’”

……………………………… day………………………………............................................

Nic’s pov

Yesterday Blake took me to an ice cream store, yummy, he knows how to make me happy. Strawberry. Mmmmmmm

Yeah well, he talked about this new girl coming to stay in my dorm, im excited to meet her, seems like he is too. She’s coming this morning.

I opened my eyes. I wasn’t in my room, I was in Adams. Aaah last nights memory’s flooded back.


“Adam” I whispered from outside his door

“come in Nic” he whispered back

“I couldn’t sleep.

“come and sleep here tonight then” I could hear the smile in his voice, I climbed in to bed, and he snaked his arms around me. I liked this. Then. I fell asleep.

End of flashback….

I looked at him, sleeping, he was so cute when he was asleep, you wouldn’t be able to guess that he was a young vampire with, so far, a traumatic life. But would you be able to see that in a person anyway. I don’t know. I looked at how much he’d changed, he had matured a lot more, he had bigger muscles, not to big, like some of those weird freaky muscle people, they were perfect. He still had his long-ish Midnight black hair, still those neon green eyes. He still had pale white skin, but his lips have got more darker, like there really dark red now. He also got snake bites, I guess a lot of people don’t like that, but I do, I think its suits him. He always wears dark tight clothes now too. But I guess I like that too. I wonder, how did I get a kind, out of this world (literally), hot boyfriend? I’ll never know. Huh that made me think, I wonder if kile is on this floor? Hmmm

“Nicole are you going to get dressed yet? Jessica will be here any minuet now!!! Aiden shouted

Adam stirred next to me and woke up. heyy sleep head” I whispered, and kissed his nose.

“morning beautiful. he said back and kissed me again, wow, he is one amazing kisser, I must admit.

“NICOLE! ADAM! BEN! Get up NOW! Cody shouted.

I got up and walked into the main room, “wow, you came from Adam’s room” Dillan whispered in my ear

“yeah, really? No way?! I said back in a really sarcastic voice. I went into my room and grabbed some purple skinny jeans and my black top that says ‘smart ass’ on the front, with a cartoon dude at the back with really geeky glasses, its one of my favourite tops.

I got in the shower and let the hot water run away all my troubles. I miss Alycia and Becca, gosh, so much.

I did what I needed to do and got dressed, and put some makeup on till I looked good, I curled my hair and made sure I looked really good, I didn’t want Jess to think im a tramp or anything.

I got out the bathroom, and straight away there was a comment. “W-O-W” Callum spelt out, I smiled and went to sit on Adams lap, there was a knock on the door and Tom went to see who it was, he opened it, I know who she is.


sorry it took so long! i thought i put this on here ages ago!

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Comment by Kelley Brady on October 27, 2010 at 8:19pm
Love, love, love it! I really can't wait to see what happens next and to see how nic knows the new girl!

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