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a new place, hopefully a new start too. chapter 12

Chapter 12

Nic’s pov

I know who she is.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! NICOLE!!! Jessica screamed, running through the door and attacked me with a hug.

“I haven’t seen you for ages! I replied, a little quieter. “where did you go?

“I had to move, people would notice that I didn’t eat or change and things, I had to. I didn’t tell you because I thought it would be easier for me if I left with no goodbyes. she said back

“but you’re here now! I cant believe it, I thought I would never see you again! I was shocked that it was, one of my best friends from when I was 14, she left Nottingham, with no goodbyes, one day she was there, the others she wasn’t.

“umm do you two know each other? adam said, oops I was still sitting on him, with Jess hanging on to my neck!

“well derr? I said back, kissing his cheek.

“well how come?

“Jess used to go to my school, we were best friends and one day, she just left.

“okay, well, boys, introduce your selves. I told them, the boys introduced them selves with there name, ages and what they are.

“Well then jess, what about you? Aiden asked her.

“oh, well, my names Jessica, I look around 14. But I’m really just over a 380. And I’m well a zompire. she told us, wow, she never told me she was that old, I knew she was a zompire, she told me when, well, last year.

“what the hell is that? Ben asked, Jess looked really shy. So I thought I could answer for her.

“well, that means jess is a mix of a zombie and vampire. I said back.

“Cool! But, umm how come? Aiden asked

Jess got up and sat, by the wall. “Well, I came here in 1643, I was a young vampire back then, just changed. back then this was an all girls school. Well, this one boy came here for a few weeks, his uncle was looking after him at the time, he was the head master. I started going out with him, but a few days after our fist date, he bit me. It wasn’t until then did I know he was a zombie. And here I am now. I don’t change. At all”

“oh, well, umm, how about we get the other girls to take you two out heyy? Adam asked.

“yeah, it would be good for Jess to meet Zulu and Mary Jane.

*********few minuets later*********

“AAAAAAAAAAAArgh there’s another girl! Zulekha cam running in, Mary Jane following behind.

They dragged Jess out the room and said. no offence Nic, your not coming” then they ran off.

“well, that was nice of them” I said sarcastically.

“yeah it was” adam said, hugging me to his chest. aahh. I love it when he does that. But my phone ringing ruined the moment.

Ring ring. Ring ring

“hello” I answered

“oh baby, are you okay, I have some bad news. You have to leave school. it was my mum.

“WHY! I’ve only been here for like what a week? I said, god I hope this is a joke.

“right, let me explain. There has been some rumours that a Evil Vampire has run away from jail. I’ve rung your friends parents and they say it’s fine for them to come stay with us for a few weeks. Shelly sniffed I think it would be safer for you. then she put the phone down.

I walked out my room, crying to fine that our principle was just leaving our dorm.

“He said that we have to move out. There looking for you and Blake. They might attack our room mates, so they have to come with us. Adam said, but he was smiling.

“why are you happy? We just got here and now we have to leave. I sobbed

“yes, but your dorm mates can come with us, and no school! Aiden said.

“I guess.

Then we all went to or rooms to pack away.


Oh my god! Who’s the vampire, why is he attacking Nicole’s room?

I know this is a short chapter, and I haven’t updated in so long, but I’ve been really busy with school and homework and things! it’s the time for our tests! Aargh

Thank you all for reading and being so patient with me, but I cant help it. Also I’m trying to put all my ideas and time in my new story, but I will keep updating! Oh an by the way, the next chapter will make more sense, I couldn’t find a way to explain it!

Oh and by the way, I need some help! I don’t know what else to put in my story :S :S

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Comment by Kelley Brady on November 4, 2010 at 7:03pm
love it! can't wait for your next update and I understand homework completely!!! Take your time!

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