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a new start, hopefully a new life too. chapter 8

Chapter 8 nic pov

All the boys crowded around me and I started getting nervous, I wanted Adam.

“Nicole! Where are yo- Adam called from my room and came out, he stopped when he saw me and ran over to me and picked me up, and kissed my forehead and guess what I blushed, no shock there.

“is he your boyfriend? one of the boys mumbled.

“guess your taken then.. another whispered

“no! he is not my boyfriend, he’s just my best mate. I said, and I saw Adams face fall

Aiden told them all to tell me all their names.

“Hi! My names Dillan! I’m so happy I have new room mates! one guy said, he looked about 16, tall, thin, good looking but obviously gay, not that I mind, that is.

“hi goowd lookin ma names Cody” he said, he looked so much like aiden, black hair emo ish hair, Blue eyes, he had snake bites too actually, they suited him, he was GORGEUS!

“hi” I said shyly

“my names Ben, my names Callum” two boys said it at exactly the same time, they both were tall with short brown messy hair and yellow eyes. I’m curious about there eye colour, I’ll find out soon.

“my names Tom” a dude said, he was tall, and ginger with grey eyes, but it suited him so well and he was defiantly the better looking out of all of them. I’m sure this is going to be a fun few years. Wait what am I thinking? I cant have fun, these are all monsters! Im in the underworld for gods sake!

“Hi everyone! I said cheerfully, blocking out my fear, im glad, it worked quite well.

“hi” Adam said.

“sooo, tell us about yourselves” Dillan said, he seemed genuinely interested

“what do you want to know? I said going to sit down, Adam had sat down and pulled me onto his lap. All the boys came on the same sofa, I’m surprised they all fit, but I guess the sofa was massive!

“well how about start with what you are? Tom said, he had a very nice voice, comforting almost, even though he wasn’t trying to be. This will be interesting, I want to know what Adam was.

“well how about you start” Adam said, I turned around in his lap to give him an unhappy face.

“well, im a sorcerer as you know Nic, Dillan is a sorcerer too. Cody is a vampire. Aiden said, I immediately hugged Adam closer but Adam didn’t look very happy that I was scared.

“don’t worry, I wont hurt you. cody said, I calmed down a bit, I believed him

“on with. Ben and callum are both werewolves, Tom is a mix, he’s a vampire and a werewolf. all this information scared me. I don’t think I could handle this.

“so what are you then? tom said.

“well im human. I whispered, they all let out gasps and jumped of the sofa to stand by the wall “human? How come your allowed here? one of them said, im not sure who.

“her dads a werewolf. And im a well, im sorry nic. Im a vampire” Adam said, it shocked me, I wasn’t expecting that. I let out a cry and I ran to my room. A few hours later there was a small knock on my door.

“heyy babe, let me in. Cody said.

the doors open” I said, I wasn’t scared of Cody, god knows why.

Cody came in and sat on my bed, he just sat there and cuddled me and talk to me for hours untill it got dark.

“Key babes im going now, ill see you in the morning. I like cody, he seemed a bit of a tough guy, but he’s really sweet.

I miss Adam.

Adams pov

I was worried about Nic, she hadn’t been out her room all day. I hadn’t seen her, the only one that did was Cody, he was a vampire, why wasn’t she scared of him too. I just laid there for hours in my bed, I didn’t have anything to do, I hadn’t moved, I wish it turned out different, I wish I could have told her nicely, better. Ahh I miss her, its only been one day but I do. I love her, with all my life.

There was a small knock on my door.

“come in” I whispered. The door opened and in came a crying Nicole,

“I’ve missed you, im so sorry, I trust you, you wont hurt me. Nic said, she trusted me!

“of course I wont! I told her

“I needed a cuddle” she whispered she looked so upset. I got up and hugged her, I pulled her down on my bed so she was comfortably laying down next to me. I stroked her cheek, and she started to calm down, her tears grew quiet.

“ill never leave you, Nic, I’ll never hurt you. I Love you. I said before I heard her quiet snores.

Well today went well.

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Comment by Bret Futch on October 18, 2010 at 8:14pm
amazing !!! lol. how could anybody not like this ?? i love it
Comment by Jessiica Cooper :D on October 17, 2010 at 5:44am
Thank youuu! i cant believe it! i only do this for fun and people like it! aaaaaaaaaaaaaah :DDx
Comment by giRL MEeT$ WoRld on October 17, 2010 at 2:19am
you r a talented writer you should really go further with publishing a new book!!!!!!
Comment by Amor Murilllo on October 16, 2010 at 9:31pm
thats true
Comment by stardrop89 on October 16, 2010 at 1:46pm
OMG YOU ARE SOOOO GOOD I MEAN REALLY GOOD!!! i get excited when i see that you have a new one out!!!!

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