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"MOM!! What do you mean i have to switch schools?!" i was so mad at my mom right now for telling me this unexpecting news.

"I mean, your moving to your aunts house while me and your step-dad...settle down." she said

"AUNT ESME?! we havent talked to her in like, 7 years!"

" well, YOU havent talked to her, i call her every month."

" why dont i talk to her then?" i was getting annoyed with my mom now.

" because last time you talked to her you rudely hung up on her.."

"she was trying to fill my head with lies! she was trying to tell me that theres such things as vampires and werewolves! UGH!" i said angrly

"you never know, she could be telling the truth..." she said quietly

"oh now you sound like her!" i yelled at my mom

"i want you to live for a long time sending you there." she said mournfully

"how is sending me there make me live longer?" i asked

"it just is..and when you see me i'll let you explain everything because i'll live for a long time too." she said nerously

honestly i was confused, did mom really think vampires and werewolves were real? oh well, now i was packing my things to go to visit my aunt in Forks, Washington.

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