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okay here it goes!!! my dad never really got why i liked the twilight saga so much, he thought it was coz of all the georgous actors and stuff, even though thats partly it he still really annoyed me and what made it even worse if the fact that he couldnt stop laughing at me as i read all four books twice in the space of two weeks. this was going on untill yesterday when he went to see the new harry potter movie and saw the trailor for new moon. he now wants to watch twilight and go spoil my girls night out plans for when new moon goes in the cinima and come with us when we go. so im a bit stuck, my dad has finally accepted the pure brilliance of the movies and books but now wants to spoil all my fun!!! i cant win!!!

talking of books, i got the first three books and the host for £15 and was given breaking dawn for free, the cool thing is thought is that i have breaking dawn now onlarge print paper back for free when it is only available out the UK (large print is exacly the same as the hard print)

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