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"Jacob, there's nothing to worry about."
"How do you know, Sam? It's different here, they could… they could…"
"They could what? They've kept up their diet, they've kept up their charade for over a century. I honestly don't see any way they could slip up."
"Sam, you've seen her. You've seen her skin. You can see her veins through her skin! How do you know one of them couldn't accidentally… slip up?"
"Jake," Seth said. "If it will make you feel better we can keep her out of their sight, they don't even have to know about her. We'll keep her a secret."
"We can't do that," I whispered.
"And why can't we?" Sam questioned.
"Edward called a couple of weeks ago, he was wondering about the new living environment… and if there were any hard feelings between us. I told him 'no' and then explained. He's bound to tell them all," I mumbled.
"Jake, don't worry," Sam tried to get me to be okay with it, he laughed.
I left Sam's feeling a little frustrated. How could he not see the danger they could possibly hold? Sam' always feared them before, why is he suddenly standing up for them now? "You're probably just over reacting," I told myself.
Sarah was gone today to visit her grandparents. She went every weekend. I debated running there, but realized that I had no idea how to get there. I tried to tell myself she'll be back later today, but nothing calmed me down.
I got home and Billy was over at Sue's. "Great, the one time I have the house alone to myself…" I thought.
I grabbed some clothes and went to take a shower just for something to do. When I came back into my room, there was a knock at the door. "If that's Paul just trying to be annoying," I thought.
I slid my shirt over my head as I walked into the living room to answer door. I opened the heavy wood door, and there they stood.
"Hello, Jacob," Edward greeted.
"Umm… hey," I finally managed to say.
"Hey, Jake," Bella smiled. At her feet, Renesmee, their daughter, stood.
"Hey," I replied, not thinking of a more intelligible response.
"I wanted to apologize face to face for the words I said," Edward said, his face full of seriousness. "I was out of line, and not thinking clearly at the moment. I am so sorry for saying what I did."
I stared at him blankly, still surprised he was here. "Um, apology excepted."
"May we come in?" he smiled.
"Uh, yeah, sure," I mumbled, moving out of the way.
The sky was dark, it was about to storm. The only way they could be outside in the daytime must be during a storm. I was comforted a little by that fact. I still had to worry about night though.
"So, Sarah, is she here?" Bella asked.
"No, she's in Knoxville with her family visiting her grandparents."
"Do you know when she'll be back?" she asked again. Her face barely hiding the suspense she felt.
"What time is it?" I asked.
"Almost three," Edward answered.
"Actually, in about fifteen minutes." I thought about our study date for the "math test" we had on Monday. Edward laughed lightly.
Edward stared past the doorway as he sat down on the couch. "She's very beautiful," he said as he picked through my brain.
"Yeah, she is." I couldn't help but think of the major worry I had for her.
"I can see the problem you could think that might cause," he answered my thought.
"Can I be filled in on this, too?" Bella asked, a tiny bit frustrated.
"The klutz that you were, she is. Only there's a slight edge to that problem. Her skin is thin, you can see the veins through her skin. You can see the blood flow with human eyes," he barely talked louder than a whisper.
"That is a problem," Bella mumbled. Renesmee reached up and touched Bella's cheek. "Yes, Nessie," she whispered.
"Jacob?" Nessie asked.
"She'll be fine," she comforted. She was old enough to pass for about a ten year old.
"Thanks, Nessie," I answered.
"Jake, if you're worrying about… us…" it was nice to see that she still couldn't say the word vampire. "Hurting her, you don't have to. Jasper's in control and Renesmee… well she's never bitten anyone."
"I understand, but can't I still worry over the girl I love more than anything?" I looked at Edward, his eyes flickering to Bella.
"I still don't think any girl you ever imprint on will be good enough for you…" Bella sighed.
I felt a tiny bit of heat in my spine, but I thought of what she meant and calmed down. "Um… I'll be right back, got to grab my shoes."
I walked down the hall to my room. I saw the drawing she'd gave me. I slowly pulled the picture off the wall, the tape not resisting. The words still hitting my heart. I read her name and my heart thudded.
"I never thought I'd understand imprinting, but now I do. If you can love her so much… love her more than you loved me… then it is the strongest thing on earth."
I turned around and saw Bella leaning in the doorway.
"Even stronger than your love for that blo- I mean Edward?" I asked.
"Close," she smiled. "Did she draw that?"
"Yeah, couple days after I first saw her."
"Looks just like you," she laughed. "Very pretty name," her finger pointed at the bottom.
"Yeah, sh-" my sentence was cut short by a knock at the door.
"It's her," Bella laughed.
I turned and headed for the door.
"I thought you'd want to get it," Edward smiled from the couch.
I grabbed the handle and yanked the door open. There she stood. Her eyes bright, her green shirt was low-cut with white see-through poka-dots, but the pink tank-top covered her chest and was visible through the white fabric.
"Hey," she smiled, looking up at me.
I pulled her into my arms and wanted to never let her go.
"Hey," I breathed into her neck. "I missed you!"
"I missed you, too, Jake." Her lips met mine. I didn't want to pull her away, but Nessie didn't need to see this.
"Sarah, this is Edward, Bella, and their daughter, Renesmee.

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this is amazing! he he
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writing 21 now!
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that was fab!!love it!update soon!!

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