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Her voice was shaky as she spoke again. "Hello, it's so nice to meet you. "Wow, Rensmee," her eyes grew wide and childlike. "Your so pretty," she cooed.
"Thank you," Nessie replied, her face blushing.
I walked over to the love-seat and pulled her with me by the hand.
"So you're the vampires here to help us?" she asked. No worry in her voice at all. I like how she said "us", it felt nice.
"Yes," Bella answered. "Us and Edwards parents and siblings."
"And there are eight… and a half of you?" she added at the end as she looked down at Nessie.
"Us, my sisters Alice and Rosalie, my brothers Jasper and Emmett, and Carlisle and Esme, my parental figures for all intents and purposes."
Edward's face scrunched up slightly, concentrating on something.
"I assure you I'm not trying to be rude with my questions," Sarah ammended as she looked at Edward's face. "I'm just making sure of things. I feel like at some point of time this will all just dissapear and I'll be left with nothing…" her voice trailed off as Edward fixed his expression.
"I'm so sorry," Edward apologized. "I did not mean to make you think I that i thought you were being rude. Did they tell you that some vampires have powers?"
"They really didn't tell me anything, but what kind of powers?"
"I can read minds, my wife, Bella, can shield other mental powers, my sister Alice can see the future, and her husband, Jasper, can feel and alter peoples moods." His eyes flickered to Renesmee, I slowly nodded my head. "And my daughter can show you her thoughts, if you don't mind," he asked her, making sure she could take it.
"That seems interesting, I'd love to see that."
Renesmee walked over to her and reached her hand to Sarah's cheek. Her eyes widened as Renesmee thought.
As Renesmee pulled her hand away, Sarah smiled. "That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!" she finally blinked. "But that doesn't explain that face you made…"
"I have difficulty reading your thoughts, like right now I hear nothing and now… Jacob."
"Yes?" I answered.
"No that's what she's thinking," Edward laughed. "That's all I hear," he shook his head.
"That's all there really is, nothing then Jacob," she blushed. "I never really had a life so when I got Jacob… he filled everything else."
Edward laughed to himself. "That's not everything," he mumbled.
"What else i-"
"Let's not talk about my thoughts anymore," she interrupted quickly.
"Relax," he laughed. "They're the same as his." Edward shot a look at me.
"You don't really have a country accent," Bella commented. "Have you lived somewhere else before?"
"No, for some reason not a lot of people around here have an accent."
"Jacob, can I speak with you in the kitchen," Edward asked.
"Sure," I replied.
I followed him through the doorway.
"You don't need to worry, she'll be fine. She honestly loves you more than anything. The love you have for each other is neck and neck with the love between Bella and I. I never thought I'd see that, especially from you," he joked.
"Can't keep up with the competition, can you?" I joked as I punched his shoulder.
He laughed lightly and then pulled his face into a serious expression. "I'm sincerely sorry for what I said before. I was trying to understand the situation that you were in, and in my frame of mind at the moment there's was no filter for my thoughts."
"Geez! I forgave you already, stop apologizing, it's getting annoying."
He laughed and led our way back into the living room. "Bella, we should be getting back, the storm seems to be letting up."
"All right," she sighed. She stood up and walked to me. "'Bye, Jake. I've really missed you." She gave Sarah and I a quick hug as she walked toward the door.
"Goodbye, Sarah," Renesmee smiled as she hugged her waist. "It was so nice to meet you. I hope we can hang out again."
Sarah's eyes grew wide and childlike again. "Of course! I'd love to, if that's okay," she looked at Bella.
Bella laughed. "Of course, but it won't be anytime soon. I'm sure Sarah's busy," her eyes shot to me quickly.
"Okay," Renesmee sighed.
"'Bye, Nessie," Sarah laughed as she let go of her waist.
As soon as the door closed behind them, Sarah turned around to face me. Her eyes wide, not childlike, but wanting.
I pulled her face to mine and her lips found mine quickly. Her legs wrapped around my waist and her fingers entangled in my hair. I walked down the hall to my room and closed the door behind us. As I held her up I felt her tongue against mine.
I laid her down gently on my bed and felt her arms tighten around my neck. I gently loosened her grip and pulled my lips away from hers.
Hers eyes flew open and her mouth closed. Her eyes narrowed suddenly as she stared at me. A growl escaping her chest. She was so upset she GROWLED at me!
I finished the plans that I had before she growled at me. I pulled my shirt over my head and smiled at her.
Her eyes grew wide and she sat up quickly. She pulled the hairbow out of her hair and shook her hair out. Her hair was natural today, wavy, slightly curly. Her hands flew straight to my belt as she slid the hairbow onto her wrist.
I grabbed her wrists as she pulled at my belt.
"What are you doing?" I asked calmly.
"We're not gonna do anything," she said looking up at me sincerely. "Just your pants… please? It'll be an underwear party," she smiled.
I didn't want to argue with her, I didn't want to hurt her, and I most definately didn't want to object to the thought of an "underwear party".
I dropped my hands and she undid the buckle of my belt quickly and pulled it through the loops.
Her hands found mine and pulled me down on top of her. My lips were drawn to hers like magnets. I grabbed both of her shirts and pulled them over her head. Her hands grabbed my shoulders and squeezed them tightly as my hand grabbed her butt. She shoved on my chest and rolled on top of me, her legs stradling me. She undid the button and zipper to my pants and I kicked them off.
I pulled her back to me and rolled on top of her, repeating the movements she just made. Her shorts were too tight to kick off, so I had to pull them off myself. Once they were to her ankles she pulled one foot out then kicked them off. They hit the wall with a small clank as the button hit the wall, and landed on the floor with a thud. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her body up to mine. I took her face in my hand and pulled her face to mine. She twined her fingers into my hair again and I moved my lips to her neck.
I thought suddenly of her interrupting Edward about her thoughts. "What were you thinking about?" I mumbled.
"What?" she sighed.
"When Edward said that's not the only thing you were thinking about and you cut him off, what were you thinking about?" I asked again.
She hesitated slightly. She moved her mouth to my ear, "This," she giggled.
"He was right then," I laughed back.
"About what?"
"We were thinking the same thing."
Her lips moved silently with mine as we laid on my bed. One of the greatest moments of my life, besides the day she told me she loved.

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