The Twilight Saga

Jacob's P.O.V.-
Her screams echoed into the forest.
My heart ripped in two as I heard her ear piercing scream. I fell to the ground as she shrieked out in agony.
"Jacob!" she sobbed.
I picked myself off of the ground and raced towards the direction of her screams. I could smell the stench of multiple bloodsuckers in the air as I ran to the west. How had she gotten past Quil and Seth? She must have cornered them somehow.
I didn't know what I was going to do when I got there, how many vampires she had, but some way I would save Sarah. I would be happy if I never had to hear her scream ever again, but I knew I wasn't that lucky
"Jake!" she screamed again as a low, quiet, yet audible thud, sounded throughout the forest. If Leah thought she was the fastest before, she was sadly mistaken. I had never seen anyone in the pack move this fast, ever. I leaped multiple yards at a time, jumping over whole trees and tiny trenches in a single bound. I pushed off from the ground with more force than was neccessary for anything. I felt like I wasn't pushing off of the earth, but that I was pushing the earth downward. Her face filled my entire mind, I didn't think the worst, knowing that it wouldn't do me much help.
Her screams echoed in my mind and pulled at my heart as they sounded repeatedly, getting louder and more pained each time. I had her in my life for so little time, and she's being taken out of it… just like that. She wasn't even fifteen yet, that had to mean something to Michelle. "No," I thought to myself. "It probably didn't."
Hatred filled my heart for Michelle, I didn't even know her, but, yet, I hated her. It wasn't a normal hatred; a hatred because she made Sarah break up with me, because she stepped on my foot or called me a bad name, this was a hatred of murder… on both parts.
I changed my plan quickly, knowing Sarah wouldn't like this just as much as Hunter didn't like Michelle's plan, or at least I hoped he didn't. I would have to use him as bait, lure her away from Sarah and get the pack to take down the rest. My plan wasn't very well thought through, but it was the best thing I could think of, and most likely the best way to get Sarah away, unharmed.
I didn't take the time to stop to call the rest of the pack, I howled as I ran. Shortly after, I heard Paul's thoughts.
"What's wrong?!"
I played through everything I had so far. He was silent for a moment, feeling empathy towards my pain, never wanting to have to feel it for himself over Lexi. I could see that he was headed for Sarah's house, most likely to get Quil and Seth.
"If they know where Hunter is, we'll bring him," he promised as he thought through my plan.
"Thank you," I thought quietly.
His thoughts faded as he reached her yard. I made it to where her screams originally came from, smelling her blood as it left droplets on the ground made up of wet bracken, rocks… and then I saw slightly more blood on the side of a tree. A few strands of loose hair hung from grooves in the bark as blood dripped from them. "That's where the thud came from," I thought.
"Jacob!" Sam's thoughts were urgent and fearful. "The Cullens are coming, we can take them down," his thoughts were triumphant, but with that same harsh, frightened undertone of what could happen if we didn't make it.
I followed the overwhelming, sickeningly sweet smell at full speed, knowing it wouldn't take long before… I shook away that thought. I could feel as though there was a presence around me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention, knowing they might be shed in battle soon. I could hear the almost oh-so-silent footsteps of, whom I could only assume were Michelle's minions.
One seemed to jump from behind me. I could hear the wind coming off of her attack and quickly turned my head to catch her leg in my mouth and sink my teeth into her skin.
Only her scream gave away that she was a girl, I wouldn't have known anything else from the lack of attention I was paying towards them.
I quickly saw Sam and Embry take down three bloodsuckers as they fought their way towards the smell of Sarah's blood.
"Block her trail!" one of the unknown vampires growled.
I watched as most of them started to gather around a certain spot. Everything started to happen so fast. I had been in the clearing for a total of twenty-five seconds and already taken two of them down.
"Let us through," a familiar voice commanded.
Right as his voice sounded I was already in the air, lunging for the one who had spoken about Sarah's trail. I sunk my teeth into her throat and shoved against her stomach and shoulder. Her torso ripped in two.
I turned to look at the bloodsucker who had spoken last. Hunter was between Seth and Quil, with Paul right behind him.
"Jacob, you have to hurry," he whispered as Sam and Embry attacked a few more guarding the trail.
I could hear light footsteps heading our way. I thought it was more of her minions until I remembered the Cullens were suppose to be helping. Carlisle, the leader wasted no time as he jumped into action. Bella was close behind Edward as she delve into the half-circle of vampires.
"Follow me," Hunter murmured as he flew forward. He circled around and found the trail easily. His scent was mixed in with Michelle and Sarah's as I followed after him.
"She's drawing this out. We can make it before anything… horrible happens."
I wanted to ask him a question, but I couldn't. My heart barely hung on inside of my chest. I could feel it slipping, slowly. I would kill Michelle when I saw her, I promised myself I would.
A small trail of blood made my heart slip a little further. If we weren't there soon, I could die.
"I can't go, she'll use my power against me. That's what she does, she uses your power, she actually can take your power and use it against you. Only you can go."
I took his words into consideration, she couldn't use mine because I didn't have any.
"Save her," were his last words as he turned back to the clearing.
I sped through the brush and could hear her talking quietly. I jumped over a fallen tree and landed inbetween her and Sarah. I watched as she snarled at me and crouched to attack.
"You wouldn't dare," she smiled.
I showed my bared teeth and growled at her. She smiled and laughed in response.
"You're just a little late," she grinned.
I snarled then struck. She dodged my attack suddenly and lunged at my shoulders. I fell to the ground and stretched my neck as she soared over me. I grabbed ahold of her torso and slammed her to the ground as I stood up and pinned her to the ground with my paw. Her teeth tore into my leg and quickly released as I ripped her head from her body. I howled out in agony after I finished dismembering her.
I quickly phased, not taking the time to pull my pants on. I fell on the ground next to Sarah as blood oozed from her skull. Her eyes were closed as she twitched in pain. I searched her limbs and saw the tiny bite in her forearm. It was my nightmare all over again.

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Comment by Abby Black on August 31, 2010 at 10:22pm
no way no way u guys and ur cliffys no fair:( love it though:)
Comment by The-Quellster on August 30, 2010 at 10:28pm
Damn! i WAS listening to Kerli-and the way the beat was building up, it was building
up right when Jacob was running to save her!
My heart was actually pounding! Lols, awesome Job hun! : )
Comment by Kelley Brady on August 27, 2010 at 10:08pm
OMG!!!! No Way! Pleae write more!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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