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 I kept my eyes closed. My body was as stiff as a board. The hand tightened around my ankle and another hand grabbed my other calf. I slowly slid my arms underneath my pillow and grabbed the edge of my mattress. I could feel my body sliding down my bed. I gripped my mattress tighter.
 "Sarah, just let go. I'm not trying to hurt you."
 I knew that voice. It was so different, but… I had heard it all my life.
 "Sarah," the deep melodic voice sang.
 "Go away," I mumbled, my voice still sounding groggy.
 "Come on, don't be that way."
 "Hunter, leave me alone!"
 I felt sudden weight on my back. Hunter's hands grabbed mine and loosened them from the edge of my bed. I felt his cold cheek against mine.
 "You have to admit, you loved me first. You'll always miss me, you'll always want me."
 I felt his nose glide across my neck. I could here him inhale deeply.
 "You do smell SOO amazing," he sighed.
 "Would you get off of me," I demanded.
 His hand caressed my neck and his lips touched my cheek.
 "Do you really want me to?" his voice was barely over a whisper as his words came out in his breath that flowed against my ear.
 Chills ran up my spine and goosebumps formed on my neck.
 "Umm…" I stumbled through my foggy mind to find an answer. "Umm…" I couldn't remember anything. I couldn't remember my own name. I felt his lips on my neck and my breathing became harder and more ragged.
 "Do you want me to leave?" his beautiful voice rang.
 "No," I gulped out.
 "I didn't think so," he laughed. His hand turned my face towards his. "You want to kiss me, don't you?" he smirked.
 I knew I should say no, but as I looked into his eyes and felt his cool sweet scented breath fan across my face, I craved to kiss his lips.
 Memories started slipping from my mind. I couldn't remember my last birthday. I forgot days and weeks and, suddenly, everything started coming back. The night me and Hunter went to play putt-putt, are long talks at the creek behind my house, and my last birthday playing in the mud out in the rain. I remembered it all crystal clear.  
 "Well?" he questioned.
 I closed the distance between us. His lips closed onto mine. It was a short, sweet kiss.
 "How long have you waited for that?" he asked, the smirk returning to his face.
 "Forever," I whispered.
 His eyes stared into mine. They weren't the same, a brilliant golden color. He didn't drink human blood, he was a "vegetarian" like the Cullens.
 "I love you," he whispered.
 "I love you, too," I replied as I stared into his eyes.
 "What about Jacob?"
 "Who's Jacob?" I asked.
 "Noone," he smiled.
 Who is this Jacob he's talking about? Probably someone he goes to school with, but the name sounded oddly familiar. I stared into his eyes as his hand caressed my face.

(I know this ones really short, but it starts out another part and it really needed to be this short. Hope you love it(:)

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Comment by Mrs. Kayla Cullen on January 9, 2011 at 6:06pm
i like it but it got me frustrated! erg.. HUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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