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Hunter's P.O.V.-

 There were times when my power got annoying, but right now was not one of them. I had slightly falsely informed Jacob of my talents back when we first met.
 I could change people's minds and memories. It was simple to change Sarah's. She thought of the memories so often and clearly I tampered with a few and let myself bleed into them and the others, then erased Jacob from her thoughts. Sounds complicated, but it's honestly very simple, the tricky part was weakening her and her mind to start.
 Telling her the truth, that I loved her, first would confuse her, causing her mind to think more and become tired. Then slightly seduce her, kiss on the shoulder, feel of my breath on her neck, making her mind and emotions turn towards me. Then finishing it off by a kiss to seal it.
 Human minds were just so weak, but Sarah's was different, everything was there, all at once, moving around in synchronization. Words, pictures, moments.  The one she replayed the most was when Jacob killed Michelle…
 Michelle, she scared the living hell out of me, living and "dead". Her hate for Sarah was… unreasonable, but if I had said anything about it, my head would have been the one ripped off, not hers. It's sad that she's gone, but it was defense for the defenseless.
 As I thought about that day, I hated what I had just done to Jacob. He saved her life and almost died in the process, and now I'm taking away all of his hard work. He would understand that she was meant to be mine, wouldn't he? I mean she loved me first, it's obvious. I'm sure he'll bring up a defense like, "You saw her before I knew she existed!" which I understand isn't fair, but if she chooses me… doesn't he have to go with it? I thought the imprinter gave everything and wanted the best and for the imprintee, which the imprinter imprinted on, to be happy? I'm just making myself more confused.
 I thought I should leave before Jacob got back, but where to go. Now that Sarah is mine, I can't be a nomad. She would have to stay here and know that I'll visit her secretly. No one knows that I've been "found" and I can't go back home looking and sounding like this.
 It all started replaying again in my mind, the night that I was transformed. I was sitting on a bench in Market Square in Downtown Knoxville. I was out on a date with Aria and we had split up to get food. I sat down with my Subway and waited for her. It was dark and I couldn't see very well, even with the street lights on. Someone came up from behind and held their hands over my eyes. Her voice sounded exactly like Aria's, but I should have known from the touch that it wasn't her…
 Everything after that kind of went fuzzy. I don't remember what happened, I just remember waking up in the forest and my throat being on fire.
 It had only been a few seconds, Sarah was still lying there staring into my eyes. Her big brown eyes just melted away everything inside of me.
 "I love you," I whispered.
 "I love you, too," she smiled back.
 I just had to make sure it worked. "What about Jacob?"
 "Who's Jacob?"
 "No one," I smiled down at her. It worked perfectly. "Do you want to go outside?"
 "Sure," she smiled up at me.
 I waited for her at the front door as she slid on her shoes. She walked around the corner and took my hand. As soon as her smooth hand locked with mine, I could feel a fire in my heart. The warmth was brief and sudden, it left as soon as it came.
 I threw the door open and led the way down her front porch to her steps. As we stepped into the driveway and headed for the backyard, Jacob stood, still on the grass, pulling his shirt on over his head. I pulled Sarah behind me and watched as his eyes locked onto our hands together.

(Again, another short one. I'll try and start makin them longer.)

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Comment by Jesse Michelle Black on January 15, 2011 at 4:00pm
okay you HAVE to write more. i am going to go nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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