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"What are you doing with her?" his voice shook along with his hands and the rest of his frame.
 "I'm sorry, do I know you?" Sarah smiled.
 His eyes grew wide and stared right at her. His brow furrowed and his eyes shifted to me. "What did you do to her?!" he yelled. "I love her! She loves me!"
 "What is he talking about?" she whispered to me.
 "I'm not sure," I answered, looking down at her. I slowly turned my head towards him, "sometimes Jacob just goes a little insane," I smirked.
 "Oh, this is the Jacob you asked about." She released my hand and slowly walked over to him. "Hi, I'm Sarah. It's nice to meet you." I could hear the smile in her voice and watched Jacob's eyes as I saw her smile rip at his heart.
 "I-it's nice to meet you, too," he whispered. He took her extended hand and briefly shook it. She turned to walk back to me and I saw just how heartbroken he was.
 He hung his head just slightly, his shoulders barely even slumped. He tried to keep himself together as best he could, but little of it showed.
 His reaction surprised me slightly. I half expected him to come barreling at me and rip my throat out, but instead, he stood there, defeated, with a look of pain more hurt than I could have imagined he would be.
 "I-I've… got to go. I just st-stopped to say, 'Hi.'," he whispered as he slumped his way past us and down her driveway.
 I felt horrible. For the first time as a vampire I felt guilt for something I did. Something that I thought would be for the better. Jacob hadn't known her all her life. He didn't know the choices she's made to get where she is today. He doesn't know what she really wants. He's probably never even asked.
 "What had him so upset?" she asked as her eyes were glued to his back.
 "He just started going through a really bad break-up," I admitted.
 "I did the right thing," I thought to myself. "It's what's best for her. She needs this."
 "So, are you going to try out for the Forensics team?" I asked her, trying to change the subject.
 "How did you know about it?" she smiled at me.
 As she smiled I saw Jacob's face, the face he made as she smiled at him. "You're doing the right thing," I thought again.
 "I might go to Carter, but I went to Rush Strong, I've heard of it before," I smirked at her.
 "Haha, I actually am," she smiled, a small blush faintly colored her cheeks.
 "If you don't care, can you tell me what it really is?" I laughed.
 She laughed with me and started explaining the little she knew.
 "All I know is it's a team that is made up of people who go to competitions and act… as you can tell I know very little, but it involves acting and it can help me start my career and help me get into NYSU."
 "New York Southern University, it's an arts college." She smiled again, letting out a small laugh.
 "You're a horrible person," I told myself as I saw Jacob's pained face again in my mind.

(They're still short and I'm sorry, but I think the rest of them will be too. That way I can update throughout this semester and you won't have to wait MONTHS like you did before. Love you guys(: hope you enjoyed!)

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Comment by Jesse Michelle Black on January 20, 2011 at 12:26am
LOL so glad to help! and no loving it is an understatement!! write more. and soon! PLEASE!
Comment by Mrs.SarahRoseMellark on January 18, 2011 at 10:20pm
I converted someone to Team Jacob!!!!!! Heck yeah!!!!! I'm soooo glad you love it!!!! This comment has just made his pretty good day frikkin fantabulous!!!!!!!!!:D
Comment by Jesse Michelle Black on January 18, 2011 at 8:42pm
good you updated!!! keep working. i am going crazy. you have changed me completely. no longer team edward. i prefer wolves now babay! :DD THANK YOU!!!

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