The Twilight Saga

there was this girl,
she loved this boy oh so much,
finally one day,
she got the courage to tell him,
exactly how she felt.
Only to find out,
that the boy didn't like her in that way,
and everyday she would ask him why?
then one day,
he told her the reason,
he said 'Because your not pretty! '.
She sat there,
after he left,
crying her heart out,
then her mom calls,
says 'sweetheart, come home a few hours early'.
So on that faithful day,
she comes home early,
goes in the bathroom,
and knows exactly what she's going to do,
finally a few hours later,
her mom comes home,
only to find....
The hallway flooded,
she goes in the bathroom,
water over flowing,
tinted red,
and finds her daughter laying in the tube,
cuts on her face and wrists.
She runs out the bath,
screaming going to call the cops,
when she notice's something written on the mirror,
and it says 'Am I Pretty Enough Now? '.
I know this tale is sad,
but here's what you can learn,
no matter who you are,
boy or girl,
don't put anyone in this situation,
becuz you'll end up living with this thought,
for the rest of your life......~

and in real life, i recently just had my heart broken, and i started cutting myself, not knowing exactly what i was doing, but i was lucky that they weren't too deep!!

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Comment by violet cullen on July 22, 2011 at 11:53pm
now this is a VERY upseting story i think imma cry... this reminds meh of my heart break...
Comment by Gina Rose on June 15, 2010 at 4:27pm
this is such a sad storyy : (

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