The Twilight Saga

"How could you do this to me?" I Yelled.
"I'm sorry. I- I didn't want to hurt you." He spoke Feebally.
"Well to bad. You hurt me by not telling me. I thought we shared everything and kept no secrets?! I Spoke hurtfully.
"Please, Sariye, forgive me. Please understand why I didn't tell you! How could anyone love a- a monster like me? How could anyone care for a monster-"
"I do!" I interuppted, " I love you, I care about you , I need you, I want you! Nothing willl ever change my mind!" I cried out as hot tears ran down my cool face. " Don't you see, love is all I have for you. I don't care if you're human or some snarling wolf thing! I love oyu and that's all that matters! Do you hear me?! Do you believe me?!"
"Y-yes... I believe you love me and I love you too my sweet Pup, With all my heart! I never want to leave you. I'm so very sorry, Love!" He rambled as tears began to fall down his angled face.
I run to him and wrap my twig arms around his thin yet built figure. "Promise you will never leave."
"I promise" He whispered in his sexy, alluring voice as he began to kiss me hard and passionate.He pulls away and clamps down upon my neck. I go limp and begin to breathe faster, his bite increasing the hormones running through my body. I bite back upon his shoulders arousing him. He pulls me in hard crushing me up against him and his increasing erection. "Hmmmmm. Do I smell sexy fun time?" He asked in that deep turn on voice.
Limply and breathless i whispered, "Do you ever have to ask."
He carried me away. Into our gorgeous two story house, up the grand staircase, and into our dark candle lit bedroom.
"This will be a night you never forget." He whispered into my ear as he lied me down upon the plush bed stripping me of my clothes.
"Oh really." I laughed as the fun began

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