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I have been trying to wake myself up. I went to sleep at 3 am yesterday and on Friday I didn't sleep at all. This morning I woke up at 10 am and didn't last two minutes awake. The blinding sun burned my eyes so I fell back on the couch and returned to my deep sleep that not long ago had I left. Once again I awoke for a few seconds it was around four pm. At six I woke up and I had to get some coffee. black or with coffee mate I didnt care; I just wanted some coffee (to wake me up). Some people choose to live with alcohol, cigatets, marijuana, or heroine. Not me I live with caffeine. You got to learn to choose your poisons.
I stumbled off the couch and stood up. I was dizzy and I felt like a zombie proably looked like one too. With my head tilted and unsteady steps I walked toward the kitchen chanting in a moan, "coffee, coffee, coffee." The world seemed to be side ways with the way my head was positioned. Yet even as a half dead person an I drowned in the elated felling that filed me just thinking about coffee.
When I steped In the kitchen I could not smell brewing coffee, at all. Something was wrong. I throughly searched ever drawer and cupboard for my coffee. Nothing. I gave up and yelled for my mom. She ran to find me. What she saw was a girl standing in the middle of the kitchen (where her island should be) holding and empty coffee mug. That pathetic girl was me.
My mom asked, "What's wrong?" With sympathy showing though her eyes. Except of course sience I am a proud chilanga (That means you are from the Mexico city zone) All that was in my mom's and my conversesation was spoken in spanish.
"Mom, Really want some coffee" I moaned.
She frowned, "Is that all?"
"Yup," I answered.
"We ran out of coffee this morning, if you wokr up like a normal person in the morning you wold have been able to get some." She explained as she returned to her "Spring cleaning."
We didn't have time to go out for anything therefore, no coffee. I put my head down in shame and walked back to the couch. I put my head phones on. A coffeless-girl lying on the couch listening to MCR on her iPod. The elated felling that had once filled me had morphed into sorrow. All because I had no coffee to confort me. I sleept by day and wondered by night. Thats what had caused this emptiness in my heart...and stomach.
So all the events that happened this day caused it to be, A Terrible day. I didn't make this up its all reall and terrifing. I hope this does not happen to me again or I might die. No joke. Caffeine is my drug, now I now how pot-heads fell.

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