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A Thank You Note for Stephenie Meyer

Dear Mrs. Meyer,

I just wanted to thank you for creating the Twighlight series! It is truly the BEST book series I have ever read. The way you express the story in the books makes me feel every emotion that is being explained; That is truly remarkable.

My family loves your books so much that we thought it would be fun to write our own vampire novel. It has about 4 pages to it so far...and has been sitting on the shelf for months :o) Even though there has been very little written my imagination has been working overtime! Even if our family novel is never completed, the ability to imagine ourselves as someone other than our normal human selves, to escape from the world as we know it and be someone else, it has been an amazing experience.

I am so very excited to read your new book about Bree Tanner, and I thank you for having continued working on these stories of the Cullen Vampire Family, even if it not be in any of the cullens perspective.

I have no idea were you now stand on publishing Edward's perspective, and by all means I agree that it is your choice because you are the one who dreamed these stories (of which I cannot imagine my life without), but if you do I thank you. You have made the Vampire experiences so enjoyable, and I look up to your mind to not stop, but to keep exploring htis story from many angles.

Thank you again Mrs. Meyer for writing these amazing books, I truly appreciate it.


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