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A thorn in my garden: poem i wrote when i was 10. (no im not a lier lol, i was just bored)

i stare across the everlasting green that is my garden. the flowers, they scatter the field .the silent rivers that swirl along and make it so much more pretty. the stars that scatter the never lonely sky, the rainbow that comes after rain, this is the vision i paint of my life which honestly is never the same. i scatter it with love and paint it with lies trying to make it look perfect. i shut out the world and make up new things and feel the joy when i see it. i make it look as perfect as possible and sprinkle it with what i call sugar and what others call lies. i see flowers and butterflies, yet my ignorance is bliss, and things i want to forget. things that i wished. yet even my vision there is one little thing to end my ''love''. there is a thorn in my garden, ruining my facade and showing my true nature

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