The Twilight Saga

                                                   A Vamp Life


Edward Cellun =Human          AKA Edward Cullen

Bella Naws= Vamp                 AKA Bella Swan

Charles/Dad=Human              AKA Charlie/Dad

Mom/ Ranora=Human            AKA Mom/Renee

Toria =bad vamp                    AKA Victoria

Jack=Wolf                              AKA Jake

Victory= Head Vamps           AKA Volturi



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Dear Diary,                                              Mon 6-25-15

Today I saw Edward. We talked for a while. I read his mind. He was very sad. He knows that I will read his mind if I think there is something wrong all I read was him saying nothing nothing nothing nothing….. it was weird. I asked him what was wrong and he sad he wasn’t feeling well. I better keep an eye on him….. I also went over to Jacks. He was acting strange to……… im really confused on whats going on….. maybe it has something to do with my birthday.







Dear Diary,                                          Tue 6-29-15

i went to school today. I didn’t go yesterday because it was very sunny out. I couldn’t let anyone see me. So I am back at school its cloudy and rainy like it is most of the time here in Dorks, PA. also today I was in chemistry and I saw Tori. She was outside of the window. Edward noticed who I was looking at…… he whispered is that Tori? I told him yeah. He was afraid I told him I would take care of it. I looked back over at the window and she was gone……. Ill have to see what I can do.







Dear Diary                                             Fri 7-1-15

Im so hungry! I cant stand it. I have to go hunting but I have to protect Edward. I cant let Tori get him. I need to find some one to protect him….




Dear Diary                                     Sat 7-2-15

I went to Jacks today. I told him what was going on. He told me he would watch him. Him and Edward are good friends so I can trust him. I am going hunting soon wish me luck!





Dear Diary                                  Sun 7-3-15

I finally ate and today I talked to Edward I told him I took care of Tori. It was easy. I found her near the dock eating a fisherman. I came up behind her and threw her against the dock as hard as I could. She said wow gotten stronger since I last saw you. Well still not strong enough. I grabbed her by her neck held her down with my knees and ripped her head off. I ripped her limb by limb and burned the pieces. She is taken care of.





Dear Diary                                  Mon 7-4-15

Well I got a visit today…… from the Victory.  I am going to trial for killing my own kind. It could be a death sentence…. The trial is tomorrow I didn’t tell Edward I didn’t want to worry him but I think he suspected that there was something wrong. I gave him a hug and told him I loved him I gave him a big kiss. I told him bye. He seemed very worried.






Dear Diary                                 Tue 7-5-15

I went to trial today…… not good news. I have the death sentence…. Unless I turn Edward………. I cant ruin his life……… it means to much to me…. Well I guess this is my last entry… Edward if you ever find this. I love you with all my heart. And I hope you live a long happy life! Good bye

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Comment by isabella nicole demaddis on August 29, 2011 at 11:26pm
haha love it from ash !!!

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