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About Both Me in Real Life and My Twilight Charrie, Carter


The Name: Mikayla ____ Last Name

The Age: Fourteen

The Birthdate: June 2nd, 1995

The Twilightmania: 3 yrs and 2 months

The Quote: "Oh Just Shut Up Already!"

The Fave Character: Renesmee Carlie Cullen

The PetPeeve: Annoying People, Posers -unless it is roleplaying-

The Addiction: Roleplaying Twilight


FULL CHARACTER NAME;; Carter Jayme Alysin Alliano

NICKNAMES(s);; Cart, Jayme

(ACTUAL) AGE & APPARENT AGE;; One Hundred Eighteen, Sixteen

DATE OF BIRTH;; June Second, Eighteen Ninety One

SPECIES;; Vampire

POWER:: Superhuman Speed/Reflexes, Mind Reading


Carter is really playful, and she can’t help it reading some people’s minds. If she finds a guy cute she will use her power to see if he likes her. That is her main weakness, guys. When she can find a person untrustworthy she can also read their mind just to make sure. She doesn’t understand why she has the superhuman speed and reflexes and is slowly finding them out in the 110 years she has been in Earth.



Head; Carter has a heart shaped face. Golden eyes, Pink lips and high cheek bones adorn her face. She has reddish-brown hair that like many other girls in the world can change at any moment. You can normally see her hair up. Her skin, like her body, is a pale color, she adds blush to her cheeks to show the rose color so she can hind of stand out.

Body; Carter’s body is in shape, for a Vampire anyways. She looks normal, but she isn’t. Well what do you expect for a Vampire? Carter draws with a pen on her wrist a lot, she has been trying to break that habit. You can find something simple like a star or heart or circle on it. Carter has never been the one to pick up guys, she leaves that for the other girls. Yes she has the right curves, pervs.

Style; Carter wears a lot of tank tops and jeans. She has never been in style, not even in her own time. She tried to keep up on what is in, but she can never just hang in there. High Designers never appeal to her unless it was a Forever 21 store and a sale. She normally wears her hair up and wears a lot of bracelets. The only thing she wears of her past is a locket that her mother gave her before Carter got “married”. People say she graduated early at sixteen but there was a whole other story to that.

CELEBRITY FACE;;Shailene Woodley


Flaws Never piss off Carter. Just don’t. Moving on, Carter Doesn’t have the best style, you would see her wearing tanktop, a jacket, ripped jeans and some form of converse. She may come from beautiful California but she does not like designer clothing. She used to back in the end of the eighteen hundreds She was changed in 1908 at seventeen years old. She doesn’t mind not aging, she actually enjoys it.

Carter isn’t afraid to stand up for herself but if she knows she is in deep trouble she can back down. She grips her locket when she is unsure about what she is doing, she has been doing that since she changed. She doesn’t care for the werewolves all that much, she tends to avoid them. She likes her mind-reading power, a lot. And she misuses it by reading people’s minds. Like I said before, if it’s a guy she likes she uses it or if a “person” comes to her as unworthy she will read their mind.

Carter is terribly stubborn. When she doesn’t get her way most of the time she will fight back until she gets what she wants. But if the person is true about what he/she says then she will mutter something incoherent and go along with whatever it is.

Perfections?; Carter is an overall happy girl, she loves to have fun and hang out with friends when she can. Vampire or Human. She tends to not get Human friends all that often, but when she does she does try to hold back on taking their blood. She is a Vegetarian Vampire, meaning she only drinks Animal Blood. She has killed a few humans before a “mentor” convinced her to change. Carter enjoys the guitar, she can play them but she always screws up somehow. She doesn't have the best voice around but she is okay in some peoples eyes.


Born to Mary Alice and James Matthew Alliano on June Second, 1892 in Ridgecrest, California, Carter Jayme Alysin Alliano was the youngest of 3. She had two older brothers that she lost contact with after she changed. Carter lost all contact with her family after she changed. She was a happy child growing up and loved to be with her brothers. Her mother made her be the “perfect child” but she never liked that position. She would most of the time be on her brother’s backs until they were married by an arranged marriage, “It’s traditional dear.” Her mother would say to her. She was going to get married but she left the church when people thought she was going to get married and was close to death by a loose cougar biting and clawing at her before an unbelievable “human” attacked the cougar.

The person dragged her away after she started to close her eyes and her breath becoming still when he bit her. Her eyes flew open, yelling out in pain. Her whole body shook, but the person stayed with her. After she became still he walked out and claimed he had nothing to do with her, but visited her often. His name? Corey Jameson. Cory was there when she woke up, blood thirsty. And he had almost a pail of blood for her. She chugged it down greedily satisfying her hunger. She went back to her house, grabbing a few stuff here and there before being with Corey.

The two claimed to be together for about 50 years until Corey heard about Carlisle Cullen, a doctor during the Influenza who helped the people he changed drink animal blood. Corey was intrigued and tried it out and helped Carter start on it. Corey looked up to Carlisle and also used his idea and “adopted” Carter as his own. That ended the love between them and so they just remained friends. And besides a seventeen year old with a twenty-five year old seemed to have people frown upon it.

Carter and Corey traveled around the world. They lived in Italy for some time where Carter learned about the Volturi, the group of Vampires that Corey tried to not let her know about, since carter had a habit of getting into fights during her time. When Aro found out about Corey hiding Carter he was sent to “death” but Carter and Corey faught and they were placed back in America under probation, where Carter went to a total of 15 High Schools. They have not heard from the Volturi after that.

Corey and Carter successfully moved to Forks because they enjoyed the no sun so they didn’t have to stay in any woods. Carter got into hiking and Corey helped her live. Carter started as a Junior at Forks High School the year before, and she is now a Senior. There has been one accident where she finished off a human who got killed but luckily she wasn’t suspected

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