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hey i am sara also known as sarsar(nickname)and i love role play i think taylor swift is the best singer/songwriter in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!i have a dog named pepper he was named after dr.pepper people call him pepperoni pizza haha from time to time i might put song lyrics somewhere out of random because it is in my head i kinda wanta go back to school and i will go to church camp cant wait for it i am in a band as a bass i kinda wanta be drummer for some weird reason but i dont have drums so it wont work out i love rue 21 it is the best store ever when i grow up i plan to be a fashion desinger and write books/novels on the side my favorite movie is monte carlo my mom whatched it and said it was the best movie she has seen in 20 years!!!!!!!!!!!!i am exicted to go to school and see my friends i dont wanta be popular i like being outcast it is much much better!!!uhh i am hyper fun and bubbley and funny!!!well there is more trust me haha but for now                                                 ~peace out love yours truly sara~

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Comment by Rylan D Chism on July 15, 2011 at 12:43am
Hahahaha!!!!!!Thats funny

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