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A little bit about me ...
I am 35 years old and married for 16:) I have a wonderfull and
understanding husband and 2 kids. My oldest son Nick is 14 and my
daughter Layla is 8 years old.
We all live in our small town called Rigswille in Ohio.
My basic training is system analyst but I have worked over the years in
many fields.

I have worked as a photo reporter for almost 8 years and I loved the
job but unfortunately I could not support my 2 growing kids and a lazy
:) (he is not really, but we really need the extra cash...) husband
from our income. That said, photography is still one of my dearest
hobbies, but I had to look for something else. So I started to work as
a freelance
writer online 7 years ago and never regretted it.

This year, like many others I started to feel the need for more income
as jobs are less aid and fewer even online. So I decided to try the
style="text-decoration: underline;">
marketing business .
I also started my own blog about my other passion ,
SEO , with
the hope to help others and also try to master the difficult art of
You can find me on many other sites, I will try to add some links here
further down the line.

Ohh, I just found this awesome custom
service, might, wanna check it out. And if you're in
the lazy mood here are some celebrity


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