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greetingz everybody :D :D :D

thanx for visiting my page and all that good stuff

if you wanna know anything about me just ask! i dont bite.....much ;)

i will telll u i am kinda shy at first but when we get to know each other then i will really be a big goof ball and probably make u wonder why you and i r friends :)

i shall tell u some things about me that people usuually dont ask meh ;)

i have many nicknames that people give me. some dont even go with my name but i dont care :)

i have 9 pets :) 1 dog, 1 snake, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and 3 ferrets :)

i like pandas and penguins

i love to drink mountain dew XD

my fav singer is.......holy crap so many....lets see here....=.=

my fav band is.....i dont know that either!!! DX i have to many fav bands...

i love hot topic, zumies, rue 21, and many other stores. :)

i love anime and manga and for all those people who dont know wht those are im going to slap u...=.=

anime is a japanese type show like naruto, dragon ball z, and pokemon...

manga is the book version but waaaaay better than the anime :D

welll lets see here.....uhhhhh i love reading..ima book worm. i only like to read fiction books though. i dont really like nonfiction. its to real for me O.O

well if u wanna know anything else just ask :) im always here ;)

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Comment by jill on August 20, 2010 at 8:37pm
u forgot 2 mention that we're A-A-A-A-AMAZIIIIINNNNNNGGGG! :D

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