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who would've thought that it would end so fast? it's like it was only yesterday that they released twilight, then new moon. and now here we are waiting for june to come, well, not because classes get to start again. its because eclipse, the third book of the stephenie meyers creation is gonna be released as a film that we're all surely gonna fall in love with. here's the deal people (especially to those who have read stephenie's all four books), just because there weren't as much excitement in eclipse as new moon, doesn't mean the movie will be boring too. let's not blame meyer if ever it occurs to us that eclipse is just not that exciting. stephenie did her best in writing it and its not her fault if you find it dull, it's just the story flow that affected the events.
well, not to worry twilight movie and book fans! eclipse as a movie will be drop dead cool! with director slade's creativity, another book of our favorite twilight saga will be as exciting and thrilling as sky-diving. a sneak peak from a source says that eclipse will be jampacked with lots of action and how's the cast doing? well, everyone's toning up and rehearsing their butts off to bring forth yet another great fantasy love triangleto the big screens.

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