The Twilight Saga

i first found out about this saga was when i took a short trip to Sydney
i was on my way back to Taiwan, and bored on the nine hours flight, so i started flipping through the movie options
that's when i first laid my eyes on this film "Twilight"
during the nine butt-killing flight, the movie was like a drug
i got hooked and watched three times
first time, i watched it alone, forgot that i was on a plane, forgot the flight attendants were serving meals, forgot the need for bathroom...
after the romantic movie which stole my heart away, i tried to get some sleep, but only to see the slides from the film over and over in my head
i tried to pick another movie to drown out my thirst and craving for Twilight, but no others could catch my undivided attention
i looked around me, curious as to what movies others were watching, and saw a businessman like four rows in front of me, watching the same
so...pathetically, but proudly, as if to knowledge him in having good taste, i watched it over again with him, in my seat of course
then the third time to stop the torture of the addiction i was feeling toward the film
it was like i was sucked in, and lost in it, hoping i could become a Cullen myself
i even had the desire of getting a plane ticket after landing to head straight to Forks, Washington
this may sound stupid and hilarious, but i just couldn't help myself for feeling so, right? foolish

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