The Twilight Saga

The Adventures Of Shay, and Taylor
Moving is hard, and it seems like going to a different school, is even harder. Walking into a new school, in fourth grade, was horrible. Not knowing a single person, but sitting next to all these weird looking people that were also new. I met a girl that day, slightly over weight, her pig-tails worn proudly, and I remember her looking just as scared as I was. I remember leaning over and looking at everyone, seeing if everyone else was talking, or sitting quietly trying to get there thoughts together. It seemed like me and her were the only ones not talking, so I leaned over and introduced myself.
"Hi.. I'm Shay, who are you?" i said, smiling, trying to make a new friend.
"um, hi I'm taylor, I'm new..." she said quietly, looking at my long dark brown messy hair.
"Same here.. I'm from Oak Town,where you from?" I said, and that started a wonderful friendship. Just that simple 'Hi' started a ever-lasting friendship.

Walking into the fresh halls of 8th grade is just the same. Seeing those big lockers, new teachers, familiar faces, the ones you know absolutley hate you, the ones who dislike you, but aren't at hating yet. The ones you have that simple crush on, and you search for that one face, that always comforts you. I found it, she was standing by her locker, she saw me, and refused to look, remembering last years fights.Last year, I ignored her, embarrised by her new-found obsessions, and hair cut. I walked up, and waited for her eyes to atleast glance in my direction.
"What?" she said, anger of course evident.
"I'm sorry Taylor, I made a big mistake.. Your my best friend, i hope you know that." i said, looking at my feet, still that little girl I was back then.
"Were not best friends.. I thought we went through this..." She said, Oh no.. I new it, she was still upset, i would have no one, what would i do for lunch? Who would I tell my intimate secrets to? My weirdo remarks about that girls dress, or..
"Were sisters. " she said, interupting all thoughts, I smiled and hugged her. She gathered her stuff, and joined me to my locker. Everyone watched, laughing at me, for my stupid mistake, that would probably ruin my reputation like it has over and over again. But I didn't care, she was my true friend, basically the only one I could trust. I opened my locker, to reveal my obsessive pictures of random quotes, and photo's of us together.
"Whats your first class?" she said, trying to look at all the pictures, before I covered them with my book bag.
"hmm.. I dunno, lemme look " I said laughing, pulling out the little peice of paper from my bookbag, and giving it to her.
"We have the first 2 classes together, then gym/health at the end of the day, and Art." she said, happily. We didn't have any classes together last year, except for homeroom, and homebase. 15 minute intervalls before we have our first class, and after we have our last class.
"Yay! Thats better than last years, What classes in the morning?" I whined, I hated school.
"Umm, Language, and Science. Yuck!" she said, sticking her tongue out, proving the 'Yuck', and pointed to the 'It' girls.
Those were the girls all the boys loved, and the girls always wanted to be. Camille, Rori, Carrie, and Miley. All wearing there 'short shorts' and stupid tank tops, breaking practically every rule about clothes. But, of course, The teachers wouldn't say anything, and all the innocent girls would get pentalized for shorts there mom or dad told them to wear, because every thing else was in the wash.
I frowned, and got my checklist out, like I did every First day of school.
Pen & Pencil,
Binder, and Paper.
I pulled everything out, and looked at the science, and got those out too.. Then we heard a familiar voice...
"Excuse me.. Your um, leaning againest my locker." the person said.
We both looked, and we saw him, he lost lots of weight over the summer, My ex boyfriend, Cody.
"Oh Sorrrrrry." Taylor said, studdering a bit, trying to re-gain focus. I laughed, as she moved out of the way.
"So, How was your summer, Shay?" he said, trying out his lock.
"Pretty boring, same old stuff. How bout yours?" I said, watching his fingers, I memorized his combination last year, when he told me.
"Pretty awesome, I got to spend a lot of time with my dad, and my brother taught me how to drive." he said, he pulled the lock, and ir refused to open, He groaned and looked up at me. Laughing he said
"Can you get this? Your always better at it then I am.."
"Sure.." i said, he moved to where I was standing, and we just switched places. 3-10-92 easy.. *Click* It opened, and I opened his locker. Full of pictures of 4 wheelers, and him on his bike. I smiled, of course I missed him as my boyfriend, and I heard Taylor clear her throat.
"Well, umm, I best be off, come on Taylor!" I said, grabbing my things, closing my locker with my foot, and grabbing arm and towing her into the room.
"WOW, you are LOVE DRUNK!" she said, laughing, practically falling into the seat.
"is it that obvious?" I said frowning.
"Uh.. YEAH!" she said, and I sat down while we both laughed. I frowned, My phone cutting into my leg, hurting, I forgot to put it into my locker, dang it! *Ding! Ding! Ding!* The morning announcements were on.
'Today for lunch is...' I zoned out. My phone vibrated in my shorts. Who would be texting me?
You forgot your lunch at home, silly girl.
I'll drop it off at school, I love you! Be sure to check for it!
Daddy <3
Ugh.. Embarrissing.. Cody laughed, and said "Wow." Oh no.. He saw it!
"Cody, Please don't tell anyone! Its my dad. He's a bit clingy, but he's all I've got, and I'm all he's got." I said, pleading.
"Chill. I won't." He said, smiling. New teeth? Wait.. Braces.. No? Retainer? I dunno, but his teeth look brighter, and cuter then ever!
"What are you guys talking about?" taylor whispered in my ear. I took out my phone, and texted it to her.
'EMBARRISSING! Ergh, Dad's getting to be a pain! :('
Send. Ok, I heard her phone vibrate. I looked at her. Aww! She mouthed. I frowned.
"Excuse me, Ms. Locado, is there something to be sad about, its the first day of school!' Mr. Ladoy said.
"No sir.." I said looking down to the floor. I heard a snicker, I looked.. Crap, Riley. Cutest, Yet Dumbest guy EVER!
Class went by in a drag, and I zoned out, waiting till the next class.

Science is stupid. Why do we have to get LAB PARTNERS? I crossed my fingers. Please be Taylor. Please be Taylor. Please be TAYLOR!
'Miss Locado, you will sit here with.. Hmm.. Anyone want to be Miss locado's partner?' Mrs. Kalida said.
Taylor raised her hand high and proud.
"Any boys?" Mrs. Kalida said. NO! I wanted to scream. TAYLOR BECOME A BOY RIGHT NOW!!
"Ok, well then. If no one wants to, then Mr. Fields, You will be her partner." she said. I sighed, not that bad. Wait. Fields? CODY? I saw Camille, an 'It' girl, sigh. Cody walked and sat next to me. I frowned at Taylor. We all got assigned seats. Of course, she was paired with Riley. Figures.
"Ok, you and your partner will be mixing your genes, finding which is dominant, and making a baby boy, or girl!' Mrs. Kalida said smiling. Oh God. OF ALL THINGS!!! Do I dare to look at Cody? I took a quick glance, to see he was very interested in what the teacher was saying. I think he was me looking, and his eyes focused on mine. Crap. I looked away, quickly, to get a glance at Taylor. Instead, I accidently saw Riley Staring at me. Weird. But, its not the first time. I turned my attention back to the teacher, and she was passing out Work sheets. Cody gave me one, and passed the rest to the other table.
"Aren't you so excited?" he said sarcastically. He was one of my best friends last year. Until we got together, which ruined it all.
"Over-joyed." i said, frowning, and I saw Taylor coming my way.
"Please help, Switch partners, Please!" she pleaded. Riley wasn't her biggest fan..
We never Did switch partners, but the rest of class just went on, very boring.

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